HCR Modeling # 45: Iconic Moments in Gaming - Forsaken


In 1998 a game call “Forsaken” came out. This game was basically a clone of the Descent game. In this game you would fly through tunnels with Six degrees of freedom. The vehicles used were flying motorcycles. The game has an intro video where these competing mercenaries are attacking each other. One flying motorcycle design I liked was Nubia’s vehicle. Unfortunately the in game low poly model was way off from the intro video model. For the challenge I would like to redo Nubia’s flying motorcycle so that it more closely matches the intro video.


Nubia’s flying motorcycle in game


Nubia’s flying motorcycle intro video


This is a quick Keyshot test render of the front windshield.


Blocked out some more components for the front end.


Blocked out almost all the bike parts.


For the Nubia character I took the basic female body, posed her to fit on the bike and did some sculpting. For the clothing extraction was used along with insert multi mesh brush. The helmet was made from a cut up sphere. Then using the Z modeler brush to pull up the rest of the geometer out.


Finished adding geometer now just painting and texturing.


Texture and painted the model. Put in a lot of dirt and battle damage. I am not going any further then this, as not to muddy over any details.


I took the model into key shot and applied materials. These are some test renders.


Nubia on flying Motorcycle. This is my final render in Keyshot.
I had some time off from crazy work hours. This gave me the opportunity to participate in this challenge. I have missed so many other Hardcore Modeling Challenge . It is nice to come back to this community. I hope to enter more challenges in the future.


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