HCR MOD #22:CLASSIC SELF PORTRAIT:Congratz to the winners!


Great entries everyone.

Best Bust: Paul Robinson (robo3687)
Best Model Collection:Tim Mrozek (timrozek )
Best Diorama:Scott Broad (scottimation)
Best Model: Magdalena Dadela (Intervain )


Best WIP Thread - Magdalena Dadela (Intervain )
Best Bust - Paul Robinson (robo3687)
Best Model Collection - Magdalena Dadela (Intervain )
Best Diorama - [color=darkorange]Nico Strobbe (Nothingness )[/color]
Best Model - [color=darkorange]Scott Broad (scottimation)[/color]


EDIT: Ok guys, you got 24 hours from the time of this post to post your final votes.



Congratulations to everyone who entered, some amazing work went on in the last month. This was a hard choice :applause:
Best WIP thread:
Magdalena Dadela (Intervain)
Best Bust: Paul Robinson (robo3687)
Best Model Collection: Magdalena Dadela (Intervain)
Best Diorama: Timothy Mrozek (TiMrozek[b])

[/b]Best Model - [color=darkorange]Scott Broad (scottimation)[/color]

Good luck


And that is that.
time to count the votes/



Hey guys,
I just wanted to say that I have not been able to count the votes yet,
becasue of “crunch time” here at work and the fact that my computer at home just died.
(So no internet)

And to make things more fun, I just got my backup computer online yesterday, after some issues with my internet provider.

I will be posting the results shortly, so thanks for your patience.



[b][font=Arial][color=white][font=Verdana]Ok here are the results:[/font][font=Verdana]

Thanks to all who participated on our last mini challenge.

[font=Verdana]We will have a BIG challenge up in the next few weeks
OK we have the winners:

Best BustPaul Robinson (robo3687)

Inspiration was a bust made from Beethovens death mask.




WIP Thread:

Best DioramaScott Broad (scottimation)

CONCEPT ART: The Fontana del Nettuno (“Fountain of Neptune”)



Click for high rez version



WIP THREAD: http://forums.cgsociety.org/showthr…t=809935&page=1

and the big one of course:

[/ul]Best WIP thread, Best Model Collection,Best Model

Magdalena Dadela

ORIGINAL CONCEPT: James Tissot - The Fireplace




WIP THREAD: http://forums.cgsociety.org/showthr…82&page=1&pp=15

DESCRIPTION: I really liked the idea of making a self-portrait diorama based on one of my favourite paintings ever. I replaced the dog with a cat - since it represents me much better and changed a few tiny details in the fireplace itself. Trying to copy Tissot’s mastery was a huge challenge and a great exercise. I hope you like it.

Here are the votes"

Best WIP thread
[li]Magdalena Dadela (Intervain): 12 votes[/li][li]Timothy Mrozek (TiMrozek ): 3 votes[/li][li]Adam Jones: 1 vote[/li][li]Paul Robinson: 1 vote[/li][/ul]•Best Bust
[li]Paul Robinson (robo3687) :18 Votes[/li][li]Per Kristian Tvete : 1 Vote[/li][/ul]•Best Model Collection (2 or more)
[li]Magdalena Dadela : 14 Votes[/li][li]Arun Nagar: 3 Votes[/li][li]Tim Mrozek (timrozek )[/li][/ul]•Best Diorama
[li]Scott Broad (scottimation): 12 votes[/li][li]Timothy Mrozek (TiMrozek): 3 Votes[/li][li]Magdalena Dadela: 2 Votes[/li][li]Intervain[/li][li]Nico Strobbe (Nothingness )[/li][/ul]•Best Model
[li]Magdalena Dadela: 15 Votes[/li][li]Scott Broad (scottimation): 4 VotesTim Mrozek : 1 Vote[/li][/ul]


Congrats to the winners and to everyone else who entered!!


Congrats Magda !


congrats to winners :slight_smile:


Congrats to all! Great job everybody!:buttrock:



Congratulations everyone who participated! There are some outstanding pieces in there and you’re all winners to me. :applause:


Well done everybody! Congrats to all winners, especially Magda for winning the big bowl :slight_smile:


well done to all who finished, again :slight_smile: and thank you to all who voted for my entry.

rudymassar - thank you sir :slight_smile:


congrats to all the winners…

lovely avatar, you got there magdalena. hahah



hehehe thnx - couldn’t help myself :wink:


Congratz to all who participated in the challenge and all the great entries. Its been a great honour for me to follow the WIP’s and see how the profs do their work :slight_smile: I hope to see you all in the next challenge and keep up the awesome work.
Regards Anders


Congratulations Magdalena ! as your fan I was very happy to see you winning this HC !


congrats to all the winners!


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