HCR MINI-Challenge #9: Star Wars Tribute...VOTE!


[li]Airflow[/li][li]Jango Fett[/li][li]Wip Thread[/li][li][b]http://forums.cgsociety.org/showthread.php?f=208&t=502338[/li]









HCM9 Jango Fett


Right Up till the last minuite people were phoning me and I was jugglin. Typing this at 23:57
Hope you like it....
About 2.5 weeks in total... And lots of distractions[/i][/b]

Link to Hirez


[li]Artist name: Red Republik[/li][li]entry name: Han Solo[/li][li]Wip thread: http://forums.cgsociety.org/showthread.php?f=208&t=502343&page=1&pp=15[/li][/ul]

[li]of course this didn’t turn out as planed I’ve had supply problems of every kind. i’ve had labor difficulties…ok no more quoting. this was created with mudbox, zbrush, max, mental ray, and photoshop. thanks to everyone who gave comments and critiques. it was fun for sure[/li][/ul]


Artist name: Yav Bonev
Entry name: General Grievous
WIP thread: http://forums.cgsociety.org/showthread.php?f=208&t=505468


Software used: 3D Studio Max 9, Maya, Z-Brush, Maxwell Render, Photoshop


After quiting my job, doing boring architectural visualisations (no offence anyone), I decided this challenge is perfect for me to test my 3D skills to the limit. At the start I had a vision of portraying the General in an unconventional way, without the usual lightsabers and fighting poses. I wanted him to appear more human (or alien if you will), than robot. It was my goal to pose him in a way to express his fearless soul and desire for battle, yet at the same time I wanted to show desperation in his intentions…perhaps that is the reason his lightsaber has not been ignited. Ok, I have not slept for days and I am talking utter crap, so to wrap it all up, I had an amazing time taking part in this challenge and I wish everyone good luck tomorrow.


Artist Name: Christopher Tackett
Entry Name: Darth Vader
Wip Thread: Darth Vader WIP

Shaded Turntable

Unshaded Turntable

Software used: Lightwave 9, ZBrush 3

For this guy, I decided to work mostly in ZBrush 3. There were some things like Vaders head, lightsaber, belt items, and the platform that were done in Lightwave, then imported to ZB. I worked a bit differently on this one by quickly creating the basic shapes of the different parts in ZB then retopologizing them.

All rendering were done in ZB cuz I was curious about how well the new Matcap materials would work.

In the end, all I could muster is a few nights work and fell way short of my initial idea of doing both Vader and Luke.


[li]Artist name: whyst[/li][li]entry name: Might of the Republic (orig. Star Wars vs. Starcraft)[/li][li]Wip thread: http://forums.cgsociety.org/showthread.php?p=4413512#post4413512[/li][/ul]

Software used: Maya, Photoshop


Well obviously I didn’t get to do everything I wanted to for this challenge (hence the change in title hehehe >< a bit cheesy eh? time was running out and I’m tiired heheh…). Hard to believe its only been a month and a half since we started… and at the same time that its alreeeady a month and a half O_O. I almost forgot I had done that ARC-170 at the beginning! A big BIG thanks to everyone who commented on my WIP thread. I honestly don’t think I would’ve finished this to the level I did, in the time I did otherwise =) (Apologies for the wireframe render… time ran out >< Check my WIP thread for a nice render after the deadline heheh)


Artist name: Manny Llamas
Entry name: Asajj Ventress
Wip thread: Asajj Ventress WIP Thread

apps: pscs2, xsi

I too fell casualty to work b4 fun… I didn’t get to work on a rig/pose, textures, pretty render, as I had hoped. But the important part was the modeling and I got that knocked out as best I could with the few times I got time to work on her =)
Planning on making a nice poster render with the completed textured model as time becomes available.
Had lots fun following everyones progress, great contest guys!


[ARTIST NAME : Giorgio Luciano (jabba) and Louis Cho (props)

ENTRY NAME : Jabba !](file:///C:/temp/Update/Unleashed/LostPlanetDx10.exe)

We started a thread while ago about at-at. Since we didnt’ have time we proceeed with a speed modelling of Jabba (2 days of work) I hope this can be posted here even with no WIP :frowning: BTW great post here. this is one of the best challenge ever ! (also harryhausen tribute was fantastic)


Great work people.


[font=Verdana]Most Accurate Likeness: [/font]Red Republik
Most epic model: Yav Bonev
Most expressive model:
: Robin Alexander Niekerk
Best In- Organic Model:
Best Overall Entry:
[/font]Yav Bonev

A few of the artist links go to Jason Gardiner’s page and Bobby Clayton’s name isn’t a link. I just looked through the thread to see the pieces and already had a good idea on my votes though some were difficult. There were allot of great entries.


The link in the first post to LOPEZ kevin is the same as Jason Gardiner.

Just found some others down the list of artists that do the same.

Doh! Just read the post above… :slight_smile:


[font=Verdana]Most Accurate Likeness: [/font]Yav Bonev
Most epic model: Christopher Tackett
Most expressive model:
: Christopher Tackett
Best In- Organic Model:
Jared Reisweber
[font=Verdana]Best Overall Entry: [/font]Christopher Tackett


Wow! Super tough to decide on Best In-Organic. But I went with the one that I think seemed to approach the modeling in the most efficient and economic way with the most diverse forms.

Most Accurate Likeness: Theerapol Srisuphan
Most epic model: whyst
Most expressive model: : Yav Bonev
Best In- Organic Model: Lars Martinsen

Best Overall: Yav Bonev


Wow… This was REALLY friggin hard… But, here goes:

[font=Verdana]Most Accurate Likeness: [/font]Yav Bonev (Incredible job. Every detail is just spot on. Wonderful job on the cape. Keep up the good work!)
Honorable Mention: Red Republik (I definitely would’ve given you this, but… the hair :\ Sorry pal. Amazing likeness overall, but the hair just didn’t work…)

[font=Verdana]Most Epic Model: [/font]Lars Martinsen (Definitely my favorite overall scene. Wonderful composition, modeling, texturing, etc.)
Honorable Mention: Simon Joyce (Wonderful scene, great compositing, very in-the-moment. Great job!)

[font=Verdana]Most Expressive Model: [/font]Robin Alexander Niekerk (This is one I paid attention to quite a bit. Turned out exactly like I thought it would. Very expressive.)
Honorable Mention: Bobby Clayton (I really loved the scene here and both Maul and Greivous are very expressive. Great work)

[font=Verdana]Best In-Organic Model: [/font]whyst (The amount of detail here is just unreal. Amazing work)
Honorable Mention: Jason Gardiner (Again, a lot of great detail. Loved the beauty render. Keep up the good work!)

[font=Verdana]Best Overall Entry: [/font]Yav Bonev (I wanted to only vote for each person once, but I realized this was simply my overall favorite and thusly deserves both Overall and Likeness IMO. So again, wonderful job!)
Honorable Mention: Airflow (This is another one I was definitely paying a lot of attention to and the render, model, textures, everything is just kick ass… The thing that tipped it for me though was his pose… It just feels way too static and expressionless. Couldn’t bring myself to vote for it.)


They’re all very good here’s what i think

Most Accurate Likeness: Theerapol Srisuphan
Most epic model: whyst
Most expressive model: : Yav Bonev
Best In- Organic Model: Theerapol Srisuphan
Best over all: Theerapol Srisuphan


Most Accurate Likeness: Airflow

Most Epic: Airflow (I cannot overlook this amazing job. The scene is awesome with great colors and most everything is modeled. I just wish the pose would have been better.)

Best In-Organic: whyst (hands down. If only there was more time to do a scene of some sort… would have been best overall)

Most Expressive: Yav (Amazing)

Best Overall: Simon Joyce (great compositing, attention to detail, scene looks like its strait out of the movies or games, etc)


Most Accurate Likeness: Red Republik
Most epic model: Yav Bonev
Most expressive model: : Robin Alexander
Best In- Organic Model: whyst
Best Overall Entry: Yav Bonev

some hard choices here thanks to many great entires! thanks to everyone for shareing all your amazing work.


[font=Verdana]Most Accurate Likeness: [/font]Theerapol Srisuphan
Most epic model: Simon Joyce
Most expressive model:
Christopher Tackett
Best In- Organic Model:
Yav Bonev
[font=Verdana]Best Overall Entry: [/font]Yav Bonev


[li][font=Verdana]Most Accurate Likeness-[/font]Theerapol Srisuphan[/li][li][font=Verdana]Most epic model-[/font]SIMON JOYCE[/li][li]Most expressive model-Yav Bonev[/li][li]Best In- Organic Model-Jared Reisweber[/li][li][font=Verdana]Best Overall Entry-[/font]Yav Bonev[/li][/ul]
i think everyone did a superduper job in this,if i could i would vote for all of you.


Most Accurate Likeness: Theerapol Srisuphan
Most epic model: Christopher Tackett
Most expressive model: : Yav Bonev
Best In- Organic Model: whyst
Best Overall: Yav Bonev

Great job guys. :smiley:


[li][font=Verdana]Most Accurate Likeness - [/font]Red Republik[font=Verdana][/li] [/font]
[li][font=Verdana]Most epic model - [color=darkorange]Theerapol Srisuphan[/li]
[li]Most expressive model - [color=darkorange]Yav Bonev[/color][/li]
[li]Best In- Organic Model - Yav Bonev[/li][li]Best Overall Entry - Red Republik[/color][/font][/li][/ul]