HCR MINI-Challenge #9: Star Wars Tribute...VOTE!


Best Overall Entry:Larma
(This is the most impressive scene on here… The entire Hoth battle scene in panaramic awesome.)

most accurate likeness: KrakenCMT
(Awesome likeness he has here great work, still wish I could model like him.)

Most Epic Model:Larma
(Once again very very impressive and very very epic.)

Most expressive Model:Yav

Honorable Metion in expression: RobinAlexander, really great work here, Very expressive, just shy of beating Yav.

Best In-Organic Model:Yav
(yes I know he’s a character, but He is still inorganic, and very very well done)

This challenge was very very hard to decide, there were alot of great entries, I wish I could have taken a part in it, but alas I still haven’t finished my spacemarine model (though I am really really close to finishing)… this working until 11:00PM is really killing me.


So so difficult to pick winners out of so many outstanding entries…

Most Accurate Likeness: Christopher Tackett
Most Epic Model: Simon Joyce
Most Expressive Model: Theerapol Srisuphan
Best In-Organic: Whyst - Mia Van
Best Overall:Lars Martinsen


You ALL did such a fantastic job…it’s hard to pick winners. I wish there were more categories because you could all be a winner in some category.

Most Accurate Likeness: Jared Reisweber
Most epic model: Lars Martinsen
Most expressive model: : Robin Alexander Niekerk
Best In- Organic Model: Theerapol Srisuphan
Best Overall Entry: Yav Bonev


Here’s mine :

Most Accurate Likeness: Theerapol Srisuphan
Most epic model: Simon Joyce
Most expressive model: Robin Alexander
Best In- Organic Model: Whyst
Best Overall Entry: Yav Bonev


Most Accurate Likeness - Jared Reisweber (yodajared)
Most epic model - Simon Joyce (simjoy)
Most expressive model - Yav Bonev (yav)
Best Inorganic Model - Jason Gardiner (octopus7)
Best Overall Entry - Yav Bonev (yav)

hey guys! sorry I’ve been out of town… hope this is still in time! Great job everyone it was an awesome challenge! I had so much fun working on this alongside all of you =)


Ok Thanks for all who voted!

Time to add up the results!



The anticipation is killing me :bounce:


Thanks to all who participated on our last mini challenge.

We will have a BIG challenge up in the next few weeks
Animals in Motion (link)

Here are the winners of our last mini-challenge:

Most Accurate Likeness:
[li]Theerapol Srisuphan[/li]
Geonosis and Orray
Artist Name : Theerapol Srisuphan
Entry Name : Geonosis and Orray
Link to WIP Thread : http://forums.cgsociety.org/showthr…?f=208&t=513649

Finally, Here is my beauty render.

Link to full size image : http://download.cgsonic.com/hmc9/HM…rray_beauty.jpg

Software used : Maya 8.5, Zbrush 3, xNormal, Vray 1.5, Photoshop CS2
[/list]Most Epic Model:

[li][b][color=darkorange]SIMON JOYCE[/li]LAAT/i Republic Gunship


WIP THREAD : http://forums.cgsociety.org/showthr…?f=208&t=500357[/b][/color]
[li]http://www.simjoycreations.co.uk/assets/CC/gunship/wire.jpg[/li][li]http://www.simjoycreations.co.uk/assets/CC/gunship/side.jpg[/li][li]http://www.simjoycreations.co.uk/assets/CC/gunship/top.jpg [/li]

[b]Final Render

Hi Res Image : http://www.simjoycreations.co.uk/as…/finallarge.jpg

Turntable (932kbs. DivX) http://www.simjoycreations.co.uk/as…unship/turn.avi

Software used : 3D Max 8, Photoshop CS2



Best In- Organic Model:
[li]Mai Van (whyst) [/li][list]
[li]Artist name: whyst[/li][li]entry name: Might of the Republic (orig. Star Wars vs. Starcraft)[/li][li]Wip thread: http://forums.cgsociety.org/showthr…512#post4413512[/li][/ul]


Software used: Maya, Photoshop


(Mod note: sorry needed the space)

Legacy post below in grey…



And the Winner

Most Expressive Model & Best Overall Entry:
[li]Yav Bonev[/li]Artist name: Yav Bonev
Entry name: General Grievous
WIP thread: http://forums.cgsociety.org/showthr…?f=208&t=505468


Software used: 3D Studio Max 9, Maya, Z-Brush, Maxwell Render, Photoshop


After quiting my job, doing boring architectural visualisations (no offence anyone), I decided this challenge is perfect for me to test my 3D skills to the limit. At the start I had a vision of portraying the General in an unconventional way, without the usual lightsabers and fighting poses. I wanted him to appear more human (or alien if you will), than robot. It was my goal to pose him in a way to express his fearless soul and desire for battle, yet at the same time I wanted to show desperation in his intentions…perhaps that is the reason his lightsaber has not been ignited. Ok, I have not slept for days and I am talking utter crap, so to wrap it all up, I had an amazing time taking part in this challenge and I wish everyone good luck tomorrow.


And here are the voting results:

Most Accurate Likeness:
[li]Theerapol Srisuphan -18 Votes[/li][li]Red Republik -8 Votes[/li][li]Airflow -8 Votes[/li][li]Jared Reisweber -6 Votes[/li][li]Yav Bonev -5 Votes[/li][/ul]Most Epic Model:

[li]Simon Joyce -15 Votes[/li][li]Whyst -10 Votes[/li][li]Lars Martinsen (Larma) -8 Votes[/li][li]Yav Bonev-7 Votes[/li][li]Christopher Tackett -3 Votes[/li][li]Theerapol Srisuphan -2 Votes[/li][/ul]Most Expressive Model:
[li]Yav Bonev -19 Votes[/li][li]Robin Alexander -15 Votes[/li][li]Theerapol Srisuphan -7 Votes[/li][li]Christopher Tackett -4 Votes[/li][li]MaxChan -2 Votes[/li][li]James Sylvester-2 Votes[/li][/ul]Best In- Organic Model:
[li]whyst -18 Votes[/li][li]Yav Bonev -12 Votes[/li][li]Lars Martinsen -6 Votes[/li][li]Theerapol Srisuphan -5 Votes[/li][li]Jared Reisweber -3 Votes[/li][li]Best in-organic model : Monotoon 2votes[/li][/ul]Best Overall Entry:
[li]Yav Bonev -35 Votes[/li][li]Theerapol Srisuphan -7 Votes[/li][li]Best Overall entry: Whyst 2 Votes[/li][/ul]


LOL, my bad! I thought you were done. sorry.:smiley:


No Prob!
Now I am done!
Congratz to the winners!


Thanks to everyone who voted.

The timing for receiving an award is rather unfortunate, seeing that today we discovered the passing of one of the better known artists around here.

I hope he had the time to enjoy some of the marvelous work produced by us all for the past two months.

Once again…may he rest in peace.


Well firstly, as Yav said, commiserations to the family of Glen Angus …

Thank you to everyone who voted, both for me, and the other entrants. It’s good of you all to take the time to support the Challenge …

Congats to Yav for a stunning effort, and a quite unanimous winner.

As a first time entrant i am, not surprisingly, delighted to have won a category. It means a lot to gain some recognition from fellow artists, and i think will inspire me to push even harder in future …


Congrats Winners! Job Well Done!!!

Thanks Roberto and CG Talk for the fun challenges :cool:

Roberto, the link to the next challenge doesn’t work.


Re: Yav.

As you can see, Glen will not be forgotten. Bless him. For now, though, know that you recieved this award because you have earned it, and it gives us great pleasure to you see you have it.

But dont think its over, Yav, and that you can rest on your laurels - because I wont be holding back in the next contest!:twisted:


First of course all my heart goes out to Glen Angus’ family. I’ve followed his work for so long it was such a shock when I got the email about his sudden passing.

Like Simjoy, this is my first time entering this challenge and I want to thank everyone for their support both throughout the competition and in the votes at the end. I did this to push myself to work harder and faster and having you guys award me best in one of the categories is only going to push me to work even harder (maybe I’ll join in the Strange Behavior competition after all! and finish this time heheh >.<)

Congrats to all the winners and all the competitors! And thank you to Roberto and all the people who made this competition possible =)


Nicely done everyone, and congrats to the winners for a well deserved victory!!!
Was lots of fun to see all the entries progress!


Thanks, it is a lot of fun in my end too.
Hope to see you in ANIMALS IN MOTION this Friday.
Go here for more info:


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