HCR MINI-Challenge #9: Star Wars Tribute...VOTE!


Thanks to all who participated on our last mini challenge.

We will have a BIG challenge up in the next few weeks
[color=darkorange]Animals in Motion (link)

Here are the winners of our last mini-challenge:

Most Accurate Likeness:
[li]Theerapol Srisuphan
Geonosis and Orray
Artist Name : Theerapol Srisuphan
Entry Name : Geonosis and Orray
Link to WIP Thread :
[li]http://forums.cgsociety.org/showthr…?f=208&t=513649[/li][li]http://download.cgsonic.com/hmc9/HM…wireframe_A.jpg[/li][li]http://download.cgsonic.com/hmc9/HM…wireframe_B.jpg[/li][li]http://download.cgsonic.com/hmc9/HM…rray_side_A.jpg[/li][li]http://download.cgsonic.com/hmc9/HM…nt_and_back.jpg[/li][li]http://download.cgsonic.com/hmc9/HM…rray_side_B.jpg[/li][li]http://download.cgsonic.com/hmc9/HMC9_Geonosis_and_Orray_top_and_bottom.jpg[/li]Finally, Here is my beauty render.

Link to full size image : http://download.cgsonic.com/hmc9/HM…rray_beauty.jpg

Software used : Maya 8.5, Zbrush 3, xNormal, Vray 1.5, Photoshop CS2
[/list]Most Epic Model:

[li][color=darkorange]SIMON JOYCE
[/li]LAAT/i Republic Gunship


WIP THREAD : http://forums.cgsociety.org/showthr…?f=208&t=500357[/color]
al Render

Hi Res Image : http://www.simjoycreations.co.uk/as…/finallarge.jpg

Turntable (932kbs. DivX) http://www.simjoycreations.co.uk/as…unship/turn.avi

Software used : 3D Max 8, Photoshop CS2
[left]Best In- Organic Model:
[li]Mai Van (whyst) [/li][list]
[li]Artist name: whyst[/li][li]entry name: Might of the Republic (orig. Star Wars vs. Starcraft)[/li][li]Wip thread: http://forums.cgsociety.org/showthr…512#post4413512[/li][/ul]




Software used: Maya, Photoshop

[center][left]And the Winner

Most Expressive Model & Best Overall Entry:
[li]Yav Bonev
[/li]Artist name: Yav Bonev
Entry name: General Grievous
WIP thread: http://forums.cgsociety.org/showthr…?f=208&t=505468


Software used: 3D Studio Max 9, Maya, Z-Brush, Maxwell Render, Photoshop


After quiting my job, doing boring architectural visualisations (no offence anyone), I decided this challenge is perfect for me to test my 3D skills to the limit. At the start I had a vision of portraying the General in an unconventional way, without the usual lightsabers and fighting poses. I wanted him to appear more human (or alien if you will), than robot. It was my goal to pose him in a way to express his fearless soul and desire for battle, yet at the same time I wanted to show desperation in his intentions…perhaps that is the reason his lightsaber has not been ignited. Ok, I have not slept for days and I am talking utter crap, so to wrap it all up, I had an amazing time taking part in this challenge and I wish everyone good luck tomorrow.







Legacy post:

Welcome to the latest round of the HCR Modeling mini challenge.

I have to say that I am extremely pleased with the quality of the outstanding models that have been produced.

So please take a moment and VOTE for your favorite piece.

You may read the rules of the mini challenge here:

Anyway, lets get on with the voting!

Please vote for :
[li][b][b][font=Verdana]Most Accurate Likeness[/li][li]Most epic model[/li][li]Most expressive model[/li][li]Best In- Organic Model [color=darkorange]NEW!
[/li](Mod note. We got so many great spaceships I had to honor them.)
[/ul]and the big one of course:

[li]Best Overall Entry[/color][/b][/b][/font][/li][/ul]To vote, just post a REPLY to this thread with selections for each category.

NOTE TO ALL VOTERS: The principal judging criteria to all voters should be
how well the model was sculpted. The beauty render & the shading should not be the most important judging factors for the Best Overall Entry.
(Note Bump and Normal maps are acceptable modeling methods)

Following are all participants eligible for voting and their entries:
[li]Jason Gardiner[/li][li]LOPEZ kevin[/li][li]MaxChan[/li][li]Ben Halling[/li][li]Jared Reisweber[/li][li]RaymondSalter[/li][li]Boone Page1-[color=darkorange] Boone Page2[/color][/li][li]Nemoriko[/li][li]SIMON JOYCE[/li][li]Robin Alexander Niekerk[/li][li]Theerapol Srisuphan[/li][li]Eric Webster[/li][li]Lars Martinsen[/li][li]Robert Kraiza[/li][li][color=darkorange]Michael Shippy[/color][/li][li]Bobby Clayton[/li][li]Christoph Duell[/li][li]James Sylvester[/li][li]Robert Angol[/li][li]Red Republik[/li][li]Yav Bonev[/li][li]Christopher Tackett[/li][li][color=darkorange]Mai Van[/color][/li][li][color=darkorange]Manny Llamas[/color][/li][li][color=darkorange]Giorgio Luciano (jabba) and Louis Cho (props)[/li][/color]

Next week I will tally the results and I’ll anounce the winner.
[/ul]Good luck to all our participants.



ARTIST NAME : Jason Gardiner

ENTRY NAME : AT-ST in city 17



Beauty Render:

Link to full size image:

Software used: 3D max 8.0, Vray 1.5, Quickdirt & Adobe Photoshop 7.0

Comments: This is my entry for the Star Wars Hardcore modelling challenge. It depicts an AT-ST walker in an alleyway out of Half Life 2’s city 17. This scene took me about 50-60 hours and many tears as I had to re-install windows once and had a faulty hard drive later on.
The scene was modelled in MAX 8.0 and rendered with Vray 1.5, the quickdirt plugin was also used for some textures.
The buildings were all Uv unwrapped and hand painted in Photoshop.
This work pushed my skills to the limit and I have learnt immensely from it.


artist name: LOPEZ kevin
status : student
image entry : sebulba’s pod racer
wip : http://forums.cgsociety.org/showthread.php?f=208&t=501820
software used:maya 7.0, zbrush, photoshop, after effect

sorry for the quality i’m not at home and i can’t make news renders, i’ll post my compo and the orthographic render(not really good, but better than nothing!)
thks for this exelent mini challenge, go to strange behaviour challenge now!!

Shot at 2007-07-07

Shot at 2007-07-07

Shot at 2007-07-07

hope u like!


artist name. MaxChan
title. Raph McQuarrie Concept Bobafett

Based on Raph Mcquarrie’s concept of Bobafett for Hardcore Modelling challenge # 09

I chose to do raph’s bobafett mainly because i wanted to see how it would be like to do up something from a concept rather than relying on something that has been already done up and trying to match up to the benchmark which has been set.

This is my 1st time cgtalk challenge, and i’ve learnt many stuff that i probably won’t have the chance to pick up back at work.

Modellng + texturing was done over 3+week amidst my hetic working schedule.
3dmax + vray + photoshop + aftereffects was used

Link to High RES Submition
Check out my Work in Progress here…

Turntable of model on


Artist Name: Ben Halling

Entry Name: General Kenobi

WIP Thread: http://forums.cgsociety.org/showthread.php?f=208&t=504210



Bottom: (Most useless shot yet? :D)


Beauty Render:

Full Beauty: http://www.noirq.com/HCM-Jedi/Final/I_Beauty.jpg


Loved doing this challenge, even if the hand holding the lightsabre made me want to cry, hell, still makes me want to cry. I might come back to it in the futre, fix that, and slap a texture on it. We’ll see.
Silo and Zbrush


Artist: Jared Reisweber
Title: Scout Trooper on Speeder Bike
WIP Thread: http://forums.cgsociety.org/showthread.php?f=208&t=500361

Right Side:






Beauty Render:

Full Size: http://img477.imageshack.us/img477/9436/beautyrender1mt5.jpg

Software Used: Blender, Photoshop 7

The speeder bike is one of my favorite Star Wars vehicles, and the forest chase, my favorite scene. I did a lot of research to make this as accurate as I could. I really enjoyed doing this challange, and learned a lot from it.


Hi heres is my star Wars entry of Padme all modelled and renderd in Cinema with Cinema hair plugin and Bodypaint cheers.


Shot at 2007-07-09

Shot at 2007-07-09

Shot at 2007-07-09

Shot at 2007-07-09

Shot at 2007-07-09

Shot at 2007-07-09

Shot at 2007-07-09

Shot at 2007-07-09

Link to full size image http://img411.imageshack.us/img411/6024/padmekg8.jpg



And finally, the beauty shot…

Artist name: Steven Ray(aka: Boone)
Entry name: Naboo N1 Starfighter
WIP Thread: http://forums.cgsociety.org/showthread.php?f=208&t=500119

Comment: Both an achievement in developing my modelling skills, but a major disapointment in that I did not stick to what I originally set out to do. I know deep down that I could have done so much better, but got too carried away with the ideas. Also, I was lacking in computer Memory - of which I have put in an order this afternoon for 2GB!

Announcement: I shall learn from Lucas and say "Insted of living with my abandonment, I will go back and correct it. I shall be starting a new WIP(in the appropriate section of course) to create the scene I originally detailed at the beginning of my WIP thread.

Thanks to all who have cheered me on during this contest and a big “Yo!” to the dudes at 3DUnderworlde!:thumbsup:


ARTIST NAME : Graf Dennis


WIP THREAD: http://forums.cgsociety.org/showthread.php?f=208&t=500347



[/b][b]Software used: 3DSMax, ZBrush and Photoshop

[/b]Comments: Jabba on his Thron is my entry for the Star Wars Hardcore modelling challenge.
Ps. Thx for all C&C and a special Thx for my Wife :wink:




WIP THREAD : http://forums.cgsociety.org/showthread.php?f=208&t=500357

Final Render

Hi Res Image : http://www.simjoycreations.co.uk/assets/CC/gunship/finallarge.jpg

Turntable (932kbs. DivX) http://www.simjoycreations.co.uk/assets/CC/gunship/turn.avi

Software used : 3D Max 8, Photoshop CS2

Comments : Well. where to start … 6 weeks of work, a dozen hours of hair pulling, and several cans of beer later, i’ve produced, what i believe, is the best work i’ve done to date.
I’ve learnt lots, which i the point i guess, which can only help in the future.
A very big thank you to all the people who took the time to comment on my wip thread, without whom i probably would never have got this far …


ARTIST NAME : Robin Alexander Niekerk

[b]ENTRY NAME : Darth vader thinking[/b]
[b]WIP THREAD: [/b]




[b]Link to full size image:[/b]

[b]Software used:   3D max 9.0, Vray 1.5, Adobe Photoshop cs[/b]
[b]Comments: [/b]Instead of giving THE bad guy in movie history a scary action-packed pose, I gave him a more emotional and human pose. I thought thats way more intresting, I really wanted to show what the movies are all about in one picture.

I learned alot, escpecially with vray and character modeling.

So I hope you will apreciate the character in a different way.


Artist Name : Theerapol Srisuphan
Entry Name : Geonosis and Orray
Link to WIP Thread : http://forums.cgsociety.org/showthread.php?f=208&t=513649

Finally, Here is my beauty render.

Link to full size image : http://download.cgsonic.com/hmc9/HMC9_Geonosis_and_Orray_beauty.jpg

Software used : Maya 8.5, Zbrush 3, xNormal, Vray 1.5, Photoshop CS2

Comments :

Geonosis and Orray are the characters from Star Wars EP II that I really wanna do in 3D as an organic modeling.
For all the references that I had for this character, I really like the concept sculpting one the most. But It didn’t have enough references for the detail parts of saddle and all the stuffs. So I ended up using the concept from the movies at some parts.

Thanks a lot for all the supports and comments. This is my first challenge here in CG talks and I really enjoyed doing it. hope you guys like it.


Eric Webster
“Boushh and Frozen Han”

Here’s my WireFrame.
Not the best use of Polys

And here is my final image for this Challenge. I’ve started many challenges here, but never have finished one 'till now. I’ve enjoyed it very much. I used Maya and ZBrush for this image.


[li]Lars Martinsen[/li]
[li][b]Attack on Hoth [/li] - AT-AT

  • AT-ST
    [li]Software used: 3ds max 9 with Mental Ray, and Adobe Photoshop.[/li]
    [li][b]Comments: I decided to do an image of the empires strike against the rebel base on Hoth. I started off modelling an AT-AT and a snowspeeder. but as my “vision” grew, I decided to widen the image and also create AT-ST and numerous background elements. I’m very sorry that my WIP-thread is not as required, but I never intended to enter the contest, but just work on my image for my own satisfaction, but later on decided to enter. Anyways, hope you all enjoy it, and it’s been such a treat to watch all of your works unfold!![/li]






LINK: www.larsmartinsen.com/cg/FINAL01.jpg

LINK: www.larsmartinsen.com/cg/FINAL.jpgI have posted TWO versions of my final image. One with, and one without color correction, this is mainly bechause I can’t decide wich one i like the best, and I’ve had a lot of comments of both of them. If I have to chose, I’d go with the bottom one! I’m really happy with the result, and I hope I’ve done justise to the scene! Thank you so much


ARTIST NAME: Robert Kraiza
Landspeeder Hot-Rod
WIP THREAD: http://forums.cgsociety.org/showthread.php?f=208&t=510368





3/4 Wire

Beauty Render

And of course, here is the “Yoda Fink” I created for the paint job… It is behind the seat, look closely.

I entered this contest with two weeks to go and this is what I came up with. I worked on it quite a bit to get it done and I’m not horribly disapointed but more time would have been fantastic. I used 3d max 8 and rendered in max with mental ray.


Artist Name: Michael Shippy
Entry Name: Boushh Frees Solo
WIP Thread: http://forums.cgsociety.org/showthread.php?f=208&t=500055

Orthographic Renderings


Beauty Render
(Link to full size render: MShippy_HMC9_BeautyFull.jpg)


As I mentioned in my WIP thread, I learned a great amount from this challenge, which was my first. The work was done in 3DS Max 8 and rendered with Mental Ray. The scene depicts the bounty hunter Boushh moments before she releases Han Solo from his carbonite prison in Jabba’s palace.


ARTIST NAME : Bobby Clayton

[b]ENTRY NAME : Grievous v. Maul



{Link to the full resolution image}
{Link to the WIP thread}
{Link to turntable render - 40 MB}

[b]Software used
Maya 7.0 & Mental Ray

For my entry to this challenge, I wanted to enter something that a) would most likely not be duplicated by another challenger and b) would be an unusual/unique combination. I had originally played around with some of the more classic characters from the (far better) original three movies, but General Grievous and Darth Maul are easily the coolest characters from the newer movies. In addition, I thought the excessive amount of lightsaber blades would create a challenging composition. And they did.

This was also one of my first times relying completely on mental ray rendering, and THE first time using final gather for lighting. Using this method ultimately boosted the overall look of my beauty render, but also made the composition of the lightsaber blades that much more of a challenge.

Overall, I am pleased with the way this particular challenge turned out and I look forward to seeing how others faired. Thanks to all who commented, critiqued and criticised. The feedback was very helpful.

Note: About the turntable render… I had set it up so that the backdrop would disappear as the camera went behind the models, but that didn’t work. I don’t have time to re-render before the deadline, so hopefully this will do.
[/b] [/center]


[b]ARTIST : Christoph Duell

   TITLE : Slave1[/b]
   [b]WIP THREAD[/b] : [http://forums.cgsociety.org/showthread.php?f=208&t=500935](http://forums.cgsociety.org/showthread.php?f=208&t=500935)
 Full size image: [http://www.14mb.de/u/monografx/Komp5.jpg](http://www.14mb.de/u/monografx/Komp5.jpg)

 Software: Maya with MR; Photoshop
 Comments: This is the scene when Jango Fett leaves Kaminoian City right after Obi Wan has thrown an emitter on Slave1 in episode II.Didn´t manage to model the bottom, sorry for that! It was my first challenge and i really enjoyed it!


[b]ARTIST NAME : James Sylvester

[/b] ENTRY NAME : Order 66

 [b]WIP THREAD: [/b][http://forums.cgsociety.org/showthread.php?f=208&t=500293&page=1](http://forums.cgsociety.org/showthread.php?f=208&t=500293&page=1)

[b]Final Image

Orthographic and wires

3Ds Max, zbrush, Vray, Photoshop


This is by far the most ambitious scene i have ever attempted and im very happy with the result. the image is pretty close to what i had in my head when i started this challenge. ive learned alot over the last month now i think its time to give my head and my laptop a rest. thanks everyone.