HCR MINI-Challenge #47 :WARRIOS OF THE ZODIAC Cancer The Crab


I having vacation right now so I will make a try on this and spend some hours on this competition. Sadly I do not have the computer power to sculpt the entire entry, so I need to do things a little bit different, textures/displacements… Anyway I look on it as a modelling task training myself in the art of character modeling.

My choice is Cancer The Crab, it’s a funny name, an its my sign so let´s go.

I will use, Modo, (Sculptris), GIMP/Krita and Mischief to do the work.

Lets find out something about crabs!



Sounds how the brother Crab from Arielle. :slight_smile:

will you succeed certainly good, good luck!

PS: I’m working for a start Zodiak plan concept I’ve always thought to begin.


Thanks Thomas, looking forward to see your plan/concept!

I’m working on my concept right now trying to mix a bit of Chinese and Babylonia/Greek mythology to create my crab. There a lot of interesting concept which could be explored by doing a combination of both, like a a flying ghost crab, who would like to face such a terror?

An overview of my mind map:



Cancer the Crab,
Thoughts towards my concept art.

Zodiac is related to astronomy and could be seen as an extrapolated disc of a planet’s equator with a spread of up to 8 degrees.
If you look on ancient drawings of a crab they are almost drawn as a disc/circle, a sphere/planet projected down to a plane. I would like to emphasis this feature with a sharp edge to weaponized it.
Since I have addressed the crab as a flying ghosts crab, and therefor the crab needs to remain solid at a crash, the sharp edge must not lose any sharpness and must not be destroyed. Therefor I would make the edge in diamond, since it is hardest material on earth. What even better when it flies and has the sun in its back it will look like an eclipse, which is adding more astronomy and strengthen the theme.

Should it be humanized or should it keep it shape to crab. I will go for the second. Since the nature has shape crabs to be camouflage among rocks and shells, this is it greatest strength, hide easily. By adding more features like wings and stuff it could be easier in an humanized crab, but by not making things too complicated I will stick more to a crabbish look, since adding wings makes it tricky enough.

By using the traditional disc I could also emphasis details of astronomy better as the eclipse which will make sense with the wings. My idea of how the crab is attack from air is that the crab fold in its wings a couple of seconds before striking the targets.

What is then a warrior. Someone who can fights until it’s death and not too reliable on weapons, as guns and spears, since if it cannot fight without a weapon it make it weak. It has therefore need to have strategic attributes as the sharp edged shell, and well designed claws which do a lot of damage.
Well instead of using traditional guns in its foots the crab could spit either thought its legs or its mouth a poison phlegm.

I am also considering spikes which could be extruded during fight to harm the enemy even more. Then of couse it will have some inscription of some zodiac signs and astronomy attributes.

The wings are the most tricky part to get included into design, since they needed to be protected from water when the crab is in the sea as well very strong when it is up in the air. I’m thinking of a solution close similar which exists in bugs and ordonata?!

I have begun to do some concepts of this and will post it when I am done with the process.


This will be the concept I will base my work upon. Done by myself. I will see if I add wings to it later.


This Crab Concept connect with the Menti design, reflexion idea. =)



Thanks for the feedback, I like the concept you suggest! I think I locked my thoughts with the circular disc shape. I’ll will see what I can come up with.


new concept:



I have started to model my crab, and also plan and investigated how to achieve all details most effective. I ended up to use sculpting, but for some parts I probably will go with vertex displacement.

Next step is to figure out everything should look like. Will be away for a week so I’ll will probably not post anything for a while.

Current Status:

Base model


Updated with new concept with some more detailed style, more references gathered @ https://se.pinterest.com/andersson8102/crab/

The claws has been corrected to have a more crab like appearance




I expected to spend more time during vacation on the model, but I had to do other stuff. So now my focus is to complete the model and render it.

Current Status


Cool Character Design. Will you be posing him later?



RagesOfAges: Yes, that’s my ambition.


Time’s up and and time’s flies, and I wanted to do so much more on this project, but I think I made it a “little” bit to complex.

Here’s my results.

Beauty pass

Ortho Right



Ortho Bottom




Good work, looks like swiss knife crab. :wink:


Thank you, Tomberry, it certainly does!