HCR MINI-Challenge #46 : Movie Wheels Tribute - The War Rig


Water Hose Reference:

Water Hose:


Final Images:

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wow, that is an amazing model.
i like the amount of details, i am glad you made it finaly.
realy great work :thumbsup:



Thank you, I was not satisfied with the beauty render yet, I was just having problems with the amount polygons on tires x 20 tires, but I’m making a better render scene now, with more time to spend on it.


Thanks for everyone who voted on my model. It was a very fun challenge, this is the second time that I joined, but the first that I was able to finish on time. Hope I can get time to participate in the next challenges.

Paulo Duarte


Good job sir. It’s was a Big Beast to finish!! Turn out very well


Great work!