HCR MINI-Challenge #46 : Movie Wheels Tribute - Mad Max Doof Wagon


Hi my name is Sebastiaan.

After seeing many hardcore modeling challenges i have finally decided on participating in my first race to test my current skills and knowledge. Even though i know i am pretty late (extra hardcore for me i guess :buttrock: ) i still decided to join in on the race against the clock.

I have pretty much planned everything out and decided to create the Doof wagon from Mad Max: fury road. (characters are optional for me because of the short time).

Happy Modeling.

Here is some reference:

MAN KAT I A1 (8x8)


Very complex modeling, hope you can finish in time, good luck.


Someone had to do it :wink: Looks fun to make at least… good luck in this short time!

and +1 for JXL’s guitar riffs :stuck_out_tongue:


Well day one has past for me i have spent a lot of time studying the Doof wagon by making a block out for scale which took longer than i expected (4 hours :surprised . about 3 hours of searching for better references…) since there where no clear images of the inner part of the truck to be found. Instead i looked up some blueprints of the “MAN KAT I A1 (8x8)” which is basically a bald Doof wagon which where decent to go along with but i still need to dig in deeper in this subject.

Anyway i am surprised how motivated this gets me.
I have a good feeling of my current Block out so i am going to start modeling. :applause:

Current Time spend: 4 hours :shrug:

Here are 2 pictures of my progress so far:


Yes! :scream:
I was hoping someone would go for that psycho ride.

Good block out. Hurry hurry hurry!

And welcome to CGTalk.


Thanks WyattHarris :slight_smile:

I just finished the wheel model.
It took a while to find the name of the tire but after some long thorough searching i found it.
Can’t believe how much I missed modeling high poly models.

By the way. The tire model is named 14.00 R20 MILL. (dont forget the word MILL… it will safe about an hour of searching :blush:)

Current Time spend: 11 hours

Here are some pictures again:


Because of heavy interest I am moving the delivery date…
New Dateline Monday, November 16 2015


Aawesome! Birthday deadline it is! :bounce: :applause: :keenly:


Thank’s for the tip on the tire’s name, I was doing the same tire. And where is the updates? Don’t give up. :thumbsup:


Great entry!
You got until Monday to post:
HCR Modeling #46: Movie Wheels Tribute!
Post your Final Entry!