HCR MINI-Challenge #45 : Iconic Moments in Gaming Ages TOKI


Hello everyone,

I’ve been looking forward to a contest like this… it is so hard to decide what to do!
At the end, I think I’ll do a 3D version of TOKI.

It will be an INDIVIDUAL MODEL, I think, though I’d love to make a full scene.

It is my first contest! woa! :cool:



Here we go… I start by sharing my pinterest board for collecting references.
I’m almost there…


Sorry for being away…
here are my progress in the last week


Almost ready to step to zbrush (almost…)


Hello everyone,

Here it is.
I could have done a lot more on this one, especially in details and pose, but I’ll be out of office/home in the next days so I must call it done.

I can’t tell how much it took this, since I’ve worked on this in small bits every day.

I had a lot of fun doing it and learned something as well.
Any C&C are very welcome!


Hi edofaravelli,
looking great! I like his face expression and whole cartoon style. Model looks clean, with nice simple topology. Just for functionality (I think you know it, just to give you feedback :)), the topology should be denser and more defined on bending areas (elbow, finger knuckles,knees)…I would also add more edge definition to rails on helmet to sharpen corners where rails intersect, but it’s just my preference. Maybe for cartoon it would work ok. The face topo looks awesome, nice edge flow!Nice work!


Thanks David, these are good feedbacks. I actually struggle to pose it because of the few edge loops. Will keep that in mind for the future! :thumbsup:


If you have not done so, it is time to post:
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