HCR MINI-Challenge #45 : Iconic Moments in Gaming Ages - Abe Oddworld


Hi All! I decided to go with Abe from Oddworld series. It is a great game from late 90´. I think everyone know this game :). I decided to go with original designs as base for my creation.

here is some info from oddword wiki:

and references:


And here is my starting point:


More sculpting done.


Zremeshed, some proportional tweaks and more sculpting.


More sculpting done…few more touches and going to put Abe in pose…


Hehe, good ol’ Abe. Always liked the Oddworld games.

Great sculpt so far.


Thank You! I used to play it a lot :slight_smile: and time to time I play it also thees days :). Good games never get old. Same thing is Free space, Fallout 1/2, Baldurs Gate (and other great “old” Bioware titles)…Yeee I was really gamer back in those years :))))


Not fully satisfied…but almost there! I also decided to do retopology before sculpting in more details.

Biggest changes: shorter neck, more definition for hands and legs, cloth definition.


Advancing in manual retopo with Zbrush. Head and torso almost done. So far retopo took me about 4 hours.I’d like to have nice topology :).


Retopology completly done…Mesh looks pretty nice! I am happy with the result! Abe is in basic pose and getting some polypainting…


Pose update, added pedestal, stitches and arm bandage. I am going to sculpt some more details tomorrow.


More detailing done…not final, but almost there, well…deadline is coming :).


Now I am just playing with more detailing…I think i will give it few more hours and call it done. Btw poly painting killing me :), never get used to it…Maybe if I’ll have some free time after work during the week I will do uv’s and classical textures :slight_smile:


Ok here is final version of model, screenshots from Zbrush. Lot of images :). CGS forum didn’ alow me to post all of them in one post…so do not want to spam here with all the images… you can find all screenshots here:

[link for all screenshot images](http://davidvacek.blogspot.cz/2015/08/hcr-modeling-45-iconic-moments-in-gaming_14.html)
I will post also wireframe and some BPR renders in a while.



here goes wireframe:


And at last some BPR renders and that is all :).


If you have not done so, it is time to post:
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