HCR MINI-challenge #42: - Goodbye Ghibli - Spirited Away's No Face.


Ah, angry No Face. Cool start.



Cheers, Wyatt.

Still a lot more to do, but can’t believe I’m this far ahead. 3DCoat really is a gift from the gods! :slight_smile:


Good for you Boone, sculpting is a whole other world isn’t it.


Absolutely, Wyatt. I usually find modelling hard, but 3DC and sculpting has made it so much easier and enjoyable. Even topology and UV-mapping looks dead easy too.

Looking back on the work done so far, I reckon I could have made the whole thing in 3DC, but I was having trouble getting the curves tool to work(got it now, though!). Saying that, knocking up a low-poly base mesh in Silo is super-fast when the only constraint is just keeping the mesh 100% quads. I might just keep Silo around just a little bit longer…



I knew the arms and hands would give me agro, but I’m aiming for that “wicked spider” look in contrast to the frog-like back legs. I guess I’ll have to redo them.


Moving along pretty nicely there, menacing looking beastie



Thank you, Surgeuk.

Bit more tweaking with the arms as well as adding the teeth. The hair and mask are probably next.



Da’ mask itself. Taking a bit of a break from the main sculpt to practice the paint, topology & UV tools on a more simple object.

Also, bit of a piss in the wind at this time, but I’ve finally wised up and bought a copy of “Gray’s Anatomy”. I’m hoping it will help me better define the limbs and hands.



Took a few days off to practice drawing hands. Modelled them in Silo and then added them to the 3DC sculpt.

I have tried to add hair, but the first attempt was pushing up the mesh density. I’m going to spend more time on that now.




Added hair and a display base.



Hello Sam! :wavey:

I’m not sure what happened, but your last post has no text. :shrug:

Are you thinking of joining in the fun? That would be really cool to see you in action once again! :smiley:


Yah chould be really cool to join. I thought of it.

Sorry man, but at work i’m on 3 movies to finish 2 trailers for mid-november. I maybe have time after that, but I maybe relax instead of rushing to start/finish a model for that challenge by Dec 1th


Aye, its good to take a break once in a while.

Sam, best of luck for your projects! :slight_smile:


Ok I got some messages about the challenge and about the future…

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sorry I’ve not been in the game the last two weeks but I’ve been very ill lately. My family has been kind enough to put me up in a holiday home to recover and with a bit of luck have recovered enough to continue this project.

That said, I’ve switched to my old but trusty laptop and of course had memory crashes with 3D Coat, so long story short I’m having to do retopology manually. The teeth and tongue will also have to be separate objects. Despite these problems, 3D Coat is actually allowing me to get away with things like topology whilst still working on the voxel sculpt. If anything, this project is giving me a crash course in “thinking quick on your feet” and simply making things work no matter what.

Many thanks to Roberto Ortiz, for once again, extending the deadline. Its very much appreciated.


Not going to bother with an update image as its really just the back leg top’d. With the arm and leg done, I’m now moving on to the mouth. I think I’m past the worst of the topology stage and its more plain sailing from here on out…

Finally figured out that I need to set mirror snapping to 40% to get perfect symmetry down the middle of the model. Dang, that had me stumped for ages!



As far as I can tell, the main body is now topo’d. I’m not seeing anything other than quads, and as I’ll only be posing the limbs in Blender, I’m not too worried about edge-flows.

Tasks remaining are topology for the hair, tongue and mask, then moving on to painting and creating the usual masks for rendering.


Well blast it!

Long story cut short I’ve been without power, heating and obviously the internet since Sunday, due to building work in my home, so as far as this HMC is concerned I’m hopelessly behind.

I’m going to finish this off over on BlenderArtists, as I refuse to let this become yet another unfinished project. Its been great, despite the set backs and wish everyone else the best of luck.



Post is when you are done.
I promise I will spotlight your entry as part of the results.