HCR MINI-Challenge #37: Femme Fatale! - She from Machete


Nice work so far, I can see the resemblance.


Shapes are looking good, but the proportions seem a bit off. the torso seems a bit long (maybe the hips are a little narrow). also the crotch area seems a bit long. The center of the clavicle seems a bit too built up compared to the ref.


Looks great!
I think she is tensing her abs in the ref. Maybe on the model it would look better if they were flatter, specially round the pelvis.


Hi guys, long time no update I know! I was close to abandoning the model due to no time but day a 5 day easter break encouraged me to push forward.

Still quite afew things to do, tweeking overall, hair, rifle, pose and work her likeness.

@Wyatt Yeah shes quite athletic, wide shoulders, thin waist with a ripped torso.

@reedomatic thx!

@h2olt, Kanga Yep she could do with adjustments in the abs even now with the updated version, I’ll probably wait until shes in pose to rework them tho. thx!

Also, sorry for the bad quality images- I dont really have the time to do renders atm, just quick print screens.


She haz BULLETZ!!!
Great work man :slight_smile:


Alright nsb, I was hoping you were going to be able to finish.
That is looking great. Love the details especially the stitching. I’m hoping to have time to do the same.


Really love the stitching. My problem has been exactly the same, no time.


Thx for the comments guys! Having a look back at the images I posted has help me see some major proportional issues and I tried to fix them this morning before work, mostly the arms, abit to the legs… Let me know if its going in the right direction


Wow! This looks absolutely fantastic!

Thanks for posting updates of your progress. I know its a tired question, and your short on time, but could you maybe provide a few details about your workflow? I can see your using Softimage, but your model is just so detailed, I cant fathom how you managed to get it to look so great in the viewport.



please delete


Outstanding detail work. Looking forward to watching this one. Great job!


Looking really good.


The clothing/boots look quite good!


Hi nsb,
Congratulations man, very, very good!!
nice work , keep updating


HCR MINI-Challenge #37: Femme Fatale! :POST YOUR FINAL ENTRY!


Hi guys,

Small update from last night, unfortunately I didnt get a chance to work on her before that. I’ve missed the hmc deadline but I’ll still finish her of this week and post in this thread.

Just have to model the rifle and hair and then fix deformation issues from posing, will probably go with the 2nd pose…I dont know tho.

@AJ Thx! I think the images might be alittle misleading, my fault. The only grabs from softimage are for the guns-they were modeled to work with sub-d in standard 3d app, zbrush shrinks your lv0 mesh when you subdivide destroying the placement of the edges and tight bevel like details.

@seravi Good critic! I did try and fix the arm issues, thx
@reedomatic01, cbeese, artisttoc, antonioperes Thanks guys!


please delete


Good points. First one looks like she’s looking for trouble. Second one looks like fashion model with a gun since she is doing the catwalk.

Both are good, I’d go with #1 but your choice.


Both of these look great, I think #1 is my favorite of the two. Good stuff!!!


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