HCR MINI-Challenge #37: Femme Fatale!- Airflow: Catwoman/Hepburn


please delete


Thanks guys. Currently redoing the boots, don’t know if I have time. Scrapped the new gloves an the Bat gargoyle. Just going to focus on forms and wrinkles. Will do eyes and hair last.


Good pose and looks like Audrey.

See it through to the end.


please delete


Lol, no doubt.
Looking good Robert, keep it up, you can do it!


Thanks guys.
Imageshack is being really rubbish. So you will have to dl the latest turnaround from here.



Weird, it keeps crashing Quicktime at 2 secs.


Plays fine in mediaplayer.


Decided to stay up all night to finish this. I got work tomorrow, will be a bit tired. But its worth it. Gf thinks I am crazy. About 2 more hours on the suit. Then an hour on the boots. Then an hour on the plinth. Then at work, lunchtime do the eyes and hair and call it a day.


Nearly done. Just need to do some final tweaks and do a plinth like the one in the image. My boss is giving me 2 hours to finish this. Cheers boss. gotta make up the hours tomorrow. Should start in an hours time.


Could do with some sleep now. Finally onto the plinth.



Blue-head flashing aside, I wasn’t expecting it to come out looking so good.

Looks really nice.


Cheers man. Long time no speak. Have to catch up. Got a few things to run by you.
Anyway, yeah the blue eyes/head. My lapptop ony has 3gb of gfx ram so the textures never held up so good. I am rushing to finish, so I would say its about 40 percent at the moment.
Anyway, gotta get renders out before my gf get here. Off to a party, no rest for the wicked…


O’k. Stage one done. I should call it quits, I am exporting the highrez meshes out of mudbox. I am going to try to send the file via Teamviewer to my own machine I have at a associate’s office. It has A quadro 5000 so I aim to do some VrayRt clay renders for my beauty/ Orthos.
And… Breathe.
Big cheers out to everybody who pushed me in the right direction, usual suspects and a couple of new ones. Thanks.
Hope the next one isnt half as hectic. And I though my Jango Fett was cutting it close. :slight_smile:


Well done man!
Looking very good and congrats on finishing!


please delete


Don’t have time atm. I have a nightmare job on. My Client is working for an Ad agency that is managing a total scumbag client. Changes left right and centre. Plus I have another job on, which is actually going well.
I think I want to start over. Was thinking of who I would choose to make a Catwoman of. I am gonna finish this incarnation, by revising the head and maybe doing some cloth dynamics for the suit. But I would like to also do a catwoman inspired by Year One. Was thinking Zoe Saldana or Rosario Dawson.


I quite fancy Zoe(shes a bit of alright) but I think Rosario has that certain “tough girl” attitude for Catwoman, which most would associate with the character.

Hope the jobs work out in the end.


Agreed. I had a quick go at finishing off the model. Unfortunatly I am using the high rez exports, and its making things a bit slow. I am just finishing off one of my paid jobs now. Been up all night animating Tron paths. Lots of fun. At some point I will get back onto this.


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