HCR MINI-Challenge #37: Femme Fatale!- Airflow: Catwoman/Hepburn


O’k, against better judgment I decided to enter. I will be doing a Catwoman ala Audrey Hepburn mash-up. I will post the basemesh later.
Not sure if I will do a new image or one based on artwork from Adam Hughes.




Ah you’ll find the time. Aught to be fun with such a cool subject.


interesting image to make, have fun.




Thanks guys. I decided to block out all of the images, but will start with three images in 3dsmax.
These three.

Will post Blocks shortly.


Blok 01

Gotta do some light tweaks and a few fixes on the arms, then onto the next one.


nice choice, you got some good reference images. Are you gonna move onto zbrush/mudbox after you finishing blocking out or are you modeling it all in the 3dsmax?


Will model base meshes in 3dsmax and possibly rig and do cloth dyn there. Then sculpt in zbrush, and back into 3dsmax.


The blocking out will not be the base meshes. It just to get a feel for the piece. More like a lighting exercise, with stand in objects. I will be modelling up a t-pose (basemesh) character to animate into position, then doing cloth simulation to try to get wrinkles where I need them when she moves.
Finally I will do a sculpt pass to add small details and control wrinkles and what not, which will go into a displacement map. Last I will add snow and enviroment effects.

Found a Catwoman statue which may end up as a middle ground for all the images. I could have her scaling a slate rooftop with the bat signal behind her, with snow falling.Combining all the images together. Would be a nice mashup. If I have time I may do a Batman Sillouette object like in the image with the ruby.

Any thoughts on what you would like to see?


Small update. Will try to do the others tomorrow, and get the mashup image out tomorrow too. Then a head and neck sculpt of Audrey. Hope to start that tomorrow night.


Latest update, very rushed due to impatient gf who takes up all the spare time my job does not. Loved but frustrating. :slight_smile:
I would say 10 percent done.
Anyway, will try to have more to show tomorrow.


Had a bit more time to get it looking better proportioned.
Once I am back from france - (gf’s romantic weekend), I will finalise the head and
get started on the body.


Don’t rub it in too much. :smiley:

Her cheeks look too wide and her nose should be a bit narrower (I think). A little tough to see from this angle.


Thanks. Will tweak those points you mentioned thanks.


Just got back from France . Was good, walked up the Eiffel Tower , and visited nearly every building in Paris . V tired. Hopefully there will be updates on Monday night. Cheers guys.


nice idea. Can’t wait to see how it turns out.

I see a resemblance coming! at the moment the eyes are a tad big compared to the ref. Good luck :slight_smile:


Cheers, Eyes to be smaller. Will get some time to work on it tonight, been in a rush all last week so never really had more than about 3-4 hours on the head.


Managed to get an hour and decided to block out the body in parts, starting with the bust from a cube.


Small Update.


Bit more done. Still blocking stuff out.