HCR MINI-Challenge #29: SciFi-Quorra-Tron-legacy


hey everyone:)
ok so im choosing to make Quorra from the movie Tron:legacy
so far i got the body mostly roughed out
starting to make some boots and stuff and will go back to the face and finish that up
more to come


Hi there Emanuel, great to see you on this challenge too :smiley:

This will be very interesting, keep it up!


@ibelerique oh crap whats up brother didnt know u were on this one too lol
can i have the link to your thread?


Sure, although there’s not much going on over there…yet :wink:

It is at http://forums.cgsociety.org/showthread.php?f=208&t=956061


little update
kindda moving slow cuz i have another project that is due
put her clothes wip just for laughs lol


Nice start. It would have been interesting to have seen you constructing the base mesh too.
Keep up the good work.


oups sorry will post when i will wake up lol
sleepy time now


Looking good so far. The forehead feels like it needs some work. At the moment it’s feeling a bit to bulged out. Here’s what I’m comparing your Quorra too:

(Yes, its Olivia.)

Anyways, goodluck, looking forward to more!


thanks for the heads up
didnt sculpt the head so ill pay extra attention just incase i forget to fix it:)


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