Marcel E Mercado
Senior Artist
Shadows in Darkness
Fort Lauderdale/Florida, USA

Sergey Kolesov
Ivanovo, Russia

Model a fantastic character an animatable character creature based on concept art .

Imagine you have been commissioned to model a character for a new STAR WARS video game called: STARWARS Steampunk.

Now show it to us.


From Wikipedia,

Steampunk is a subgenre of fantasy and speculative fiction that came into prominence in the 1980s and early 1990s. The term denotes works set in an era or world where steam power is still widely used—usually the 19th century, and often set in Victorian era England—but with prominent elements of either science fiction or fantasy, such as fictional technological inventions like those found in the works of H. G. Wells and Jules Verne, or real technological developments like the computer occurring at an earlier date. Other examples of steampunk contain alternate history-style presentations of “the path not taken” of such technology as dirigibles or analog computers; these frequently are presented in an idealized light, or a presumption of functionality.

[li]All MODELS MUST BE BASED ON CONCEPT ART FROM OUR ART THREADS.[/li][li]All Artist of original concept art must be given credit[/li][/ul]And yes
[li]You can still contribute NEW concept art for the challenge…Plese post it here:(link)[/li][/ul]First check out the concept art we have gathered so far…
CONCEPT DESIGN THREAD: “Star Wars: Steampunk” (link)
CgTalk Daily Sketch 1538 NTL CONCEPT DESIGN THREAD: “Star Wars: Steampunk II”

There are three ways to participate:

[li]Single Creature or Vehicle:You can pick whatever creature you wish from the concept art tread attached to this post. [/li][li]Diorama: You may sculpt the creature inside the appropriate environment.[/li]Some diorama examples:
[li]Luke on a Steam Landspeeder[/li][li]The Emperor vs Vader at the Death Star[/li][/ul]
[li]Creature Series: This type of entry requires you will try to do as many creatures as you can from various concepts. [/li]

[li]Bust :This type of entry requires you will try to a bust of your favorite creature.[/li][/list]

[i][u]THE CHALLENGE:___________________________[/i][/u]

Sculpt, in a period of 1 month and two weeks, one or more 3D representations of a fantastic character , vehicle and or creature based on the concept art. For this challenge the flow of the geometry is important becuase the character should be ready for an animation rig.

The idea of this “mini-challenge” is to simulate an impossible deadline for a project. The artists will have at their discretion how detailed the models they will be working on, what program they will be using, the amount of models, and if the models will be shaded/ rigged. But the model will have to be original interpretation of a fantastic creature based on concept art.

A big part of the challenge is that the modeler will have to sculpt the model based on the concept art of the character/vehicle/creature he or she wishes to model.A ny questions about theconcept art should be asked to the artist who created the origianl art, who is no obligation to answer them. But at the end of the challenge the final model will have to look like a scene that we might see in a rendered cut scene for a Next gen game.

[i][u]EVALUATION CRITERIA:______________________ [/i][/u]

[i][b][/i]Detailed RESEARCH[/b], and attention to detail are key for ALL entries. Please before doing an entry do your homework.

The best model will be selected by an open vote
for these categories:
[li][font=Verdana]Best WIP thread [/li][li]Best Bust [/li][li]Best Vehicle[/li][li]Best Model Collection (2 or more) [/li][li]Best Diorama[/li][/ul]and the big one of course:
[li]Best Model [/li][/ul]The winner will get bragging rights and a small banner
designed by me.

[color=darkorange]NEW DATELINE! Monday, November 17th 12:00 PM[/color]

YOU HAVE One MONTH to do the challenge.

[li]No work taken DIRECTLY from an existing tutorial. You may use an existing tutorial only for reference.[/li][li]You may NOT use a pre exiting models. All models must be done from scratch.[/li][li]An artist may change from [color=darkorange]a creature/vehicle , a diorama[/color], or creature series whenever he or she wishes.[/li][li]The artist of the original concept art MUST BE given credit.[/li][li]ALL ARTWORK must be DONE FROM SCRATCH[/li][/ul]GENERAL RULES:
[li]Because of the HUGE number of files WIP are NOT encouraged, only final entries[/li][li]WIP thread should be posted on the Hardcore Modeling Challenge forum and should follow the following naming convention: HARDCORE MODELING!: STARWARS STEAMPUNK: <<TYPE OF ENTRY >>[/li][li]For each image you should post: [/li]
Title of Model Completed[Model Images]

[/ul]And should be posted on both the individual WIP thread on on this master thread.
[li]For each model 3 Orthographic renders ARE REQUIRED. These renders are for TOP, SIDE, BOTTOM views and a BEAUTY RENDER.BEAUTY RENDER: [/li]
Final RENDERS should be rendered at 1600 X 1200 OR 1200 x 1600 in JPG format.(Post only as link) A smaller 800x 600 OR 600 x 800 image should be posted on the threads.


Ortographic renderings ARE REQUIRED for EACH entry and should be rendered at 800 x 600 OR 600x800.

  • This means you need to submit renders of the from the Front, Sides (2), Back, Top and bottom.
  • I recomentd to aid the voters a turntable rendering of the model. It would have to be done in QuickTime or Windows Media at a resolution of 600 x 400 OR 300 x 200. The render might be done as a Quickshade or Beauty Render.
    [li]Please add a brief text description about your piece.[/li][li]The artist also has to post total length of time it took to do and program used.[/li][li]Future topics for hardcore Challenges will be picked at random from the list on [/li]this >>thread << (The author will be given credit). So guys keep them coming.
    [li]Post on this thread your link to your WIP thread and your FINAL piece.[/li][li]Only participants who follow the rules and submit a final entry will be eligible for the voting process.[/li][li]Any piece caught breaking the rules will be taken off the thread.[/li]


[li]All MODELS MUST BE BASED ON CONCEPT ART FROM OUR ART THREADS.[/li]> [li]All Artist of original concept art must be given credit[/li]> [/ul]

what if we want to do our own concept and not one in one of those threads?..do we just do our concept and then post it in one of the threads to have it count?


Yes you can, but we have to see the concept art:
post it on your thread and here:
HCR MINI-Challenge #17: Star Wars Steampunk CONCEPT ART & REFERENCE


right thanks…looks like i’ll have to try and get a bit of concept art happening for my idea then…lol


Sweet. We need more challenges like this. Keep them coming Roberto!


Since this is supposed to look like something from a game cutscene, does it have to be textured as well, or will it be like the other Hardcore Challenges where texturing is optional?


I wish I had the time, this is a great topic!



textures are optional


hello Roberto,

i came across this thread about 2 weeks earlier where i found out you are gonna be doing Star Wars steampunk, and since i was almost finished with the previous HCM (Stan Winston Tribute), i decided to look for reference pics and went on with modeling…

now i have some progress with it and i wanna join this one too… will this be okay? i mean i have about 2 weeks headstart…

also my concept is of my own so i’ll post it on the appropriate concept art thread


Awsome, nice mash-up. Okay Roberto your on. I’ll start drawing my Imperial Ornithopter tonight. LOL.


Okay… I missed out on the Sports Icon challenge because I knew I wasn’t up to the task. I missed out on the Stan Winston challenge because I got bogged down in commissions. I am not missing this one! I’m gonna get drawing tonight. If I accomplish nothing else I can at least chip in concept art, but I’ll be damned if I’m letting another challenge slip by.

Good luck, everybody! :beer:


Awesome, this should really stretch my creative mind or give me some experience modeling off of someone elses! I cant wait!


Nice… That Palpatine and Vader by Marcel E. Mercado… But especially Vader… I think I just came a little in my pants… ^^


Guys please check often our concept art threads…

Here are some recent examples of great art:

Marcel E Mercado
Senior Artist
Shadows in Darkness
Fort Lauderdale/Florida, USA

Miljenko Simic
Zagreb, Croatia

Alister Lockhart
Art Director
Tantalus Interactive
Brunswick, Australia

Bjorn Hurri
The Creative Assembly
Brighton, United Kingdom


There are some really cool star wars steam punk designs on this website: http://www.sillof.com/C-Steampunk-SW.htm Good for inspiration, but not for copying exactly, as those are obviously his models.


I am so getting in on this, im probably doing a work from system404 and Hurri-cane…you guys are both insanely sick!! Keep up the good work, would love to see a few more!


Here is some more concetp art from our galleries:

Matt Waggle

San Francisco, USA

Bjorn Hurri

Brighton, United Kingdom


I have been looking all over the web for this site. Great references since I got stuck thinking in gears, pistons, and… well steam.



This is an incredible HMC. A big hats off to Roberto and company for coming up with this one.
I hope I can find time. I`m currently working on a contract so prety much all my time is eaten up, but hopefully I can put aside an hour or 2 per day to participate. My initial idea is to model Princess Leia as the bounty hunter in “return of the jedi”.

I’d like to wish eveyone the best of luck ( not that luck has anything to do with it ) and more importantly wish eveyone a great time. I’ve already seen some unbelievable starts and whether I get a chance to participate or not, I will be watching closely. I’ve been into steampunk ever since wild wild west, and it’s a style that hosts so many possibilities.


Oh cool, I remember seeing that site a long time back but I totally forgot about it. Thanks for the heads up Dermont!