HCR MINI-Challenge #17: Star Wars Steampunk CONCEPT ART & REFERENCE


Some samples so far:
Marcel E Mercado
Senior Artist
Shadows in Darkness
Fort Lauderdale/Florida, USA

You may see more art to be used on these challenges on these threads:
CONCEPT DESIGN THREAD: “Star Wars: Steampunk” (link)
CgTalk Daily Sketch 1538 NTL CONCEPT DESIGN THREAD: “Star Wars: Steampunk II”

If you wish to contribute concept art for this challenge please do post it on this thread.

BTW you may use for reference for your designs:

For those looking for reference:


Well here is an update for the future…


Just in time for Force Unleashed, no? :drool:


Wow this is awesome. I can’t wait to participate in this one!


Holy crap :open_mouth: I am absolutely looking forward to this challenge. I loved the previous Star Wars HCR challenge and I’m a big fan of steam punk art so I think melding these two together is going to produce some incredible results. But as usual I will be a spectator only, as my modeling is very much not up-to-par, and neither is my hand drawing. But someday!


Some ideas here :slight_smile:



Oh, cool. can we draw our own concepts?

Looking forward to this one.


Yes you can…
You can post them right here…



holy crap…

i am so in this one…and I WILL finish this one…haven’t finished one of these in so long…didn’t get to finish the last one cos i had to go into hospital…but no such worries this time…

this should be totally awesome…

EDIT: argh…damn my brain…i’m having all these awesome ideas in my head for death stars, AT-AT’s, stormtroopers and lightsabers among others but my brain seems incapable of transferring the awesomness to my hand to draw them…


I hear ya. I wish I could get on paper what is in my head. But I’ve got a great idea for this, a bit unconventional for steampunk but it should do nicely.


mmmh, this topic can be really good or really bad, or both. Design is crucial :deal:


Something to whet your whistle.


okay…i finally managed to get something out of my head…and it was a head…vaders head…

its not that great but hopefully the idea will be better realised when i start the actual modelling…he won’t actually have a helmet…i have something else in mind for getting that “vader shape”


so how long until this one starts up roberto?


We go live tonight…



awesome…look forward to it…


Sorry guys,

had a 9-11 project at work that took all my time.

I will post this challenge this week,
I promise.

Until then feel free to sketch concepts.


Heres my concept for an idea I have, I hope we can make additions as we go, seeing its a concept.


Okay, I hope it’s okay to do Clone Wars, I figured a lot of people would pick the OT, and I’d like to do something a little different. Here’s an idea for a more Steampunk-ish General Kenobi in clone war garb… obviously it’s lacking lots of details, but it’s an idea that I would like to model.


i was going to really busy this hmc and not going to take part but after seeing this guys concept. http://forums.cgsociety.org/showpost.php?p=5412053&postcount=23

…might start off late if i have time,but these are real good sketches.