HCR MC #46: Movie Wheels Tribute - Lotus Esprit S1 (Bond Vehicle)


Hello, this is my first entry in a competition here but I have been following along and there has been some good progress from everyone.

I am making the Lotus S1 from Bond movie, The Spy Who Loved Me in Blender. I couldn’t find any blueprints so I am modelling from photos (mostly using Flickr, so I can get images with focal length data to make it easier to match the camera).

Here is my current progress:


Alright, managed to get some more time to work on this briefly. Wanted to get the front bumper in before posting, adding some wheels, a stand in glass texture and some smaller details and refinements.


I don’t think I have seen so many entries in a competition, it will be good to see the results at the end. Choosing winners may be a bit of a challenge in itself.

I have done some more work improving my lighting and some more modelling. Building a rough interior and some work done on the rear.


Because of heavy interest I am moving the delivery date…
New Dateline Monday, November 16 2015


It has been a while since I have updated this, longer than I realised. Here is a new image closer to complete with better lighting, an environment of sorts and some interior.


You got a great entry!
Time to post:
HCR Modeling #46: Movie Wheels Tribute!
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You got until Monday…