HCR #46 - RoyalKart


I’m been around this thread quite sometime, and decide to take part in this month challenge. I’m doing this royal kart from wreck it ralph and i’m still new with max. Will post some progress tomorrow, hope you guys enjoy it~


Nice Choice! I subscribe


progress so far, spending whole day blocking out the shape, i know im slow… :cry:


I repost your wip image. I dont see it on the forum.


what you mean? i can see it from my pc


this week progress, model the body, and tyre… slow slow progress…


your new wip img works.

Good evolution


WIP so far, should finish the model this few days and start texture :bounce: :bounce:


this week WIP, start doing shader and lighting, hope you guys like it~ :stuck_out_tongue:


this week WIP, almost done, juz realize got some color doesnt seem right…


Because of heavy interest I am moving the delivery date…
New Dateline Monday, November 16 2015


final result, adjust some shader and render setting, hope u guys like it, will update the orthographic next time~ :bowdown:

please click to view larger resolution


update orthographic view~ and that’s it for my challenge, thank you everyone for viewing and helping me for this challenge~ :wavey: