HCR #46 - Movie Tribute: Fenrir Motorcycle


Howdy folks, long time lurker first time challenger here.

For this Hardcore Modeling Challenge, I’m gonna do something a little bit different than most. Initially I was going to do Bulma’s bike from Dragonball since there was some solid blueprints for it already floating around, but when I saw Roberto say “all art must be from scratch,” I figured that was good incentive to do something different (it also didn’t seem that hardcore either).

SO, in that spirit, I’ll be doing a slight redesign/interpretation of Cloud’s “Fenrir” motorcycle from Advent Children. I like the silhouette of the design, but I feel like at times it comes across as just a blob or sleek black, and that’s no good

Get ready for a big dump of reference

Concept art

In movie

Underlying structure


Cool idea to revisit Cloud bike. Like you, I think it deserve more justice.


I’ve been doing some draw overs for my redesign and it’s almost ready for 3D work, my biggest issue right now is trying to fake the flat-twin/boxer engine. I can’t find any solid angles on Google, that gives me an idea of how to go about it from a front or side perspective; it’s all three-quarters and incredibly intricate.

Anyone have tips on faking/embellishing mechanical systems?


Yeah, Cool choice!

My friend shown me in first
Bubble gun scatch concepts
many drawings from book this way for inspiration.

I found search but in time no on Pc:

‘bubblegum crash roleplay vehicle’



Started out in 3D over the past day or so, got the main form of the arm assembly done, now I’m just debating whether or not I wanna cut in all the additional polygons so I can use an FFD and really curve those arms. Front tire cover and sizing for the tires is also shown.

I also found some great inspiration for how to do the engine from this motorcycle. It’s very similar in layout as the boxer engine, and combines aesthetics with readability of an engine block.

(if this is also someone’s on here, let me know and I’ll give them their due credit)


First part of the engine blocking is done


Wasn’t a fan of the previous engine blocks, they looked too …rigid, I guess for lack of a better word? So I took a little bit of time today to redesign them to be more traditional.

They don’t jut out as much either now

Most likely going to try and get the exhaust tubing done next since they’re a fairly large piece


Got the rear rim squared away along with the seat

Shot of where it’s currently at


Great progress, keep up good work.


Minor set-back, but it looks like I’ll be re-doing a majority of the arm assembly. While it looks cool as is, the way it rests with the tires and angling of it meeting the wheels, there’s basically zero turning radius so it’d be a dragster bike at best. So, I’m going back and creating a separate piece that the arm hooks into and it’ll work kind of like the arms on a pair of glasses.

I know the contest isn’t about function vs. form, but in this case, I feel like it will help both and sell the believability of the bike


Got the new assembly finished, I feel like it also helps the bike feel lighter and not as weighed down as the previous arms did. Gonna lower it just a hair so it sits more in the middle and then finish up the front rims and I’ll be back on track for the upcoming week.


Hey guys,

Just a quick update, I’m withdrawing from finishing this one.

I dove head first into it, and did a lot of stuff really quickly, and made little changes to parts here and there, and the end result was I burnt myself out on working on it; so that coupled with a pretty bad depression from being out of work for some time now has led to me not even wanting to open the file or look at it. Maybe sometime in the future I can bring myself to finish it, but for now it’s low on the priorities list.

Good luck to all the other contestants, I can’t wait to see the results


Because of heavy interest I am moving the delivery date…
New Dateline Monday, November 16 2015


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