HCR #46 - Mad Men Mower



Hi People,

Thought I would join one of these… I’m making the infamous lawnmower that raged through the office in season 3: a John Deere 110. The idea is to make the lawnmower and maybe replicate part of the office space as a scene if I can have time.

Here are some references for the lawnmower:


Pff I’m rustier than the actual mower would be today, 50 years on! :curious:

Anyway, finally got an update… about 6-7 hours so far, I really need to speed things up!
The back tire is mostly done, save for a few tweeks. Made after these two reference images mostly.


Ahah original choice

welcome in the challenge


Lol, love it.
Good choice.


Thanks guys! I wanted to do something a bit off-beat :scream:

Blocked out the main shapes of the mower… now moving into more detail :slight_smile:


Oh no the deadline is quickly approaching! I think I’m spending too much time on small details, I’ll have to speed up the process a bit.

Anyway, here is the mowing deck + the references I used for it, up to the frame now!


Another update… working on the body now, got about half of it done.
Modeling the engine should be a bit of work, but I won’t work on anything not too visible :stuck_out_tongue:

Ive got quite a few different reference photos and youtube videos… not sure what to post as part of this wip thread though?

So far I’ve worked on it for maybe… 30 hours? I’m bad at keeping track :banghead:


I’m bad also at keeping track.

Apart of the wip pictures share and what change between each version, there is nothing really to share more…

Maybe you can share your software of choice and how you setup your baseshaders or lightrig. That could be useful for other maybe more newbie in a lightsetuping.


Scote - I will. I’m using 3Ds Max for modeling and Vray for rendering. This is just a basic setup with a few lights overhead, and using a HDR map as reflections.

Here’s an update on the engine part. Someone please tell me next time to not model something with an exposed engine! Especially since I don’t know anything about them :argh:

Next time I should be done! I hope.


I’m in that same boat! For now I’m just copying what I can see to the best of my ability, and fudging some parts to make it aesthetically pleasing while seeming feasible :thumbsup:


References references. That’s everything


Great work.

Here is the Modified highly Tractor Pulling hehe.,



Exbendable - The engine on your model seems half organic even, so good luck with that!

Scote - True, but for a model this old the references consist mostly of bad quality 360p Youtube videos lol … but I’ll get there.

Tombery - Yep I came across quite a few modified versions as well… a whole new world out there ! :slight_smile:

Here’s an update… hmm let’s see what I did since last time. have done the dashboard and just added general details all around. Now I’m reworking the mowing deck so it will look good from the bottom as well, and still a lot of details to come!


I found some semi-decent reference images for the bottom mechanics, so after a lot of figuring out and trying to replicate it, here’s the bottom of the mower. Everything should (sortof) work IRL.

With that I’m almost done the model. I thought it was going to be less work than a car or something, but I might’ve been wrong :wink:

(click for larger size)


Because of heavy interest I am moving the delivery date…
New Dateline Monday, November 16 2015


Roberto, I’m sure a lot of people will be happy with that :wink:

As for me - here’s my final entry. I know it’s early but hey time doesn’t fly when you’re having fun :curious: . If I’m missing anything to enter please let me know!

First off is the model in a scene I made with it, modeled after a Mad Men office interior. The scene shows the aftermath of the mower running over someone’s foot as happened in the episode.
(click for larger view)

Here is a beauty render to show off the mower itself.
(click for larger view)

A turntable animation:

Then the ortographic views (click for larger view):


>> continued

Good luck to everyone else trying to finish! You can do it :wavey:

Also thanks for featuring my WIP on the CGsociety newsletter… it’s a good boost!


Ahan excellent choice.
It was a riding lawnmower. I also used this mower for my lawn maintenance