HCR #46 - Batmobile 1966 year


So recently i was trying to make some renders and faced this weird problem - when v-ray rendering a quite big image it looks all noisy, but when i choose to render only small piece of the same image with same settings - it’s all clean and nice :curious:
here are some screenshots

I have no idea what’s this and how to get rid of it


Amazing job!
My Maya Rendering experiance knowledge is a little rusty hehe.

Could be related (Photon Emission) MentalRay light scene.

good luck.


can you show you image sampler settings?


I figured out what was wrong. The problem really was in image sampler - was set on progressive, but should have been adaptive


the final wireframe version. Beauty renders will come a bit later.
yeah topology isn’t nice at all…


Great entry!
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A beauty render

And after playing with renders in Photoshop. I wanted to add this old photo effect and make the renders more atmospheric