HCR #46 - Batmobile 1966 year


Well nothing creative, just one of Batmobiles.
I tried to find something that wasn’t already modeled thousands of times before me, but apparently it’s impossible.
So my choice is this old Batmobile from 1966 TV series. Personally i like this one the most among all batmobiles.


Classic, good luck.
I love that its sitting next to Grease Lightning in that photo.


Preparation stage. Before actual modeling process starts I usually create something like a cloud of locators which replicate the car shape


Slowly moving forward. The first tiny piece of the car bonnet covered with polygons.


Phew! The main shape is done


Looking pretty clean so far, abakari!

I like your technique for making everything line up correctly… how do you align the camera angles?

Good luck :slight_smile:


Ha-ha. I’m using a secret technique :slight_smile: - Autodesk ImageModeler.
Basically what it’s doing - creates a 3d model based on 2d images. All you need to do is to find good reference photos from different angles, load in Imagemodeler, mark the most crucial points which you can see from different angles on the photos and press a button Calibrate. The software makes cameras based on view the original photo was taken and a cloud of locators which follow the shape of the model.
Than import cameras and locators into Maya or what ever…


How does it do topology?


This is how an imported file from Imagemodeler looks in Maya - just cameras and locators only. If you look closely, you’ll see hints of the car’s shape.
Theoretically you can do a 3d model in Imagemodeler as well but I’ve never tried…



I didn’t know this worflow. It looks like very efficient !

What is the next step after, when you are in maya with your locators cloud ?
I see in your posts that this cloud is converted in curves ?


That is a pretty cool technique! Will have to look into that :slight_smile:


After importing locators in maya I build curves snapping to that locators, rebuild them a bit so they replicate the actual car shape precisely. And than… yes, NURBS-surfaces between each curve.
The main issue in this pipeline - is an awful topology after converting surfaces to polys. Especially if the surface very curved like this batmobile :slight_smile: and i’m to lazy to do retop


so I was googling for some reference as i was going to model a tire for my batmobile.
And I found this —>

Now i think a bump map + texture is better solution


I added small details to the model - some weird bells and whistles :slight_smile:

And parts of interior


ahahah that pretty good ref but weird tire tracks lol


Amazing job so far!


A few more small updates
A wheel. Pretty simple shape

And a seat. I wasn’t going to do such a high poly model, but it’s ZBrush. Once you open it you just can’t stop. But still my skills in ZBrush on a beginner level :frowning:


The model almost done. Just a few small details left to do in the interior.


first test render


Because of heavy interest I am moving the delivery date…
New Dateline Monday, November 16 2015