HCR #45 - Rocket Knight Adventures


Hi, I am new to this but this challenge seemed too good to miss. I am going to go for Sparkster from Rocket Knight Adventures.


I wasn’t too sure how to post the bigger image version in my post, so if anyone can tell me how to do it, it would be really appreciated.


You need to use an external image stockage website like photobucket.com or imageshack.us

Or if you have a website upload them on it and share the link


[LEFT]Initials sketch, thanks for the help Scote.[/LEFT]


[LEFT]Obviously that didn’t work, attempt number 2[/LEFT]


[LEFT]Now I have figured that out here are some WIP’s[/LEFT]


Very nice, yes its like me Deja vu.


Some Updated Elements.


Chest Armour WIP


Overall WIP, been extremely busy so haven’t had much time to work on it, don’t think I will get it finished but has been fun creating it.


Nice improvement


You are almost there!
Don’t forget that this is a modeling challenge.



Before I start posting my final entries thought I had better post some of my references, so here is a collage, reminds me of being back in my art class days.


Detailed Shot of the Boot


Detailed Hand/Gauntlet Shot


Sword & Jetpack


Head Angles


Here is an additional version with the goggles down, just to see how it would look, thought it would be worth showing seeing as I went to the trouble of making them fit.


So here is the final model shown at a few different angles.


A couple More Angled Shots