HCR # 39 - Giant Monsters/Giant Robots:Queen vs Loader



Looking over all the great entries in this challenge so far has been really impressive and motivating. It has inspired me to join myself. The concept will be to combine a Alien Queen pit up against a robot Loader in a Diorama scene. Here are some references


I decided to start with the Loader. I’ll do my modelling in 3ds max.

Did a fast block-out just using primitives to get some basic elements and get the size correct:


Aww this is such a good idea, why didnt I think of this… :banghead:


Now this is going to be fun! :thumbsup:


Did some work on the legs & the cage, details taking shape, having fun :slight_smile:


I did a bit more work on the back part, I think I will Un-wrap this model, might try a bit of texture work on it also. We’ll see what the time schedule allows.


I have this feeling that we might have a winner here. Just a matter of how well you model the Alien Queen… :cool:


Thanks Boone, but lets see how this goes, the challenge is going to be the Queen for sure.
I got the detail pass done and also managed to pose the Loader, so its ready for hydraulic hose work, I hope to have this done by evening today.



Good Luck.



Thanks Roberto :slight_smile:

Took a bit longer than I expected, due to busy schedule this weekend, but got the hose work done. Also managed to unwrap the model for possible future texture work.

Plan is to start on some environment soon, so I can get a feel for the overall scene.


Show us the front!


sure Scote here you go :slight_smile:


So I blocked out some elements for the overall environment. Did some fast normal map creation in Zbrush for the floortiles. Most of this I hope to refine before the deadline. So hopefully many more details coming. But I also want to get a overall feel of the scene, so will make a base sculpt of the queen soon and see how it works out all together.


And here is the environment and the loader


Wow, now that’s what I call fast and accurate modeling! Great work so far and cool choice.
Looking forward to the final piece. :slight_smile:



Bloody hell, you guys model like Demons! :cool:

This is making great progress. :thumbsup:


Thought I better get started on the Queen, it will be the big challenge I think.

Did some fast dynamesh block out in Zbrush

adjusted some form and volumes

Gonna split the model up in smaller pieces, overall scheme is painted in on the next image, for the tail I am gonna work in Max, rest of the pieces I am going to retopo in Zbrush.

This is as far as I got on the process today


Sweet! :cool:


modelling is very nice i like it
keep on & good luck


Thanks for the comments guys, so I have been working on the basemesh-retopology and also managed to make a tail basemesh in max.

Here is the tail wip

I have split the model up in various parts aka body, arms, legs, head, headplate and tail so I can get more resolution in the detail phase. I also did some transpose master editing to the overall shape of the model so it will hopefully fit in the composition of the scene.

Here is a render of the composition as it looks now with both models in there