HCR # 39 - Giant Monsters/Giant Robots:PATLABOR-Alphonse v Hookhead


Hi, I am entering with the help of boone. Labor vs new original Kaiju.
Concept sketch-

Will post some schematics and ref later on.


Started a quick blockout in max.


Looks cool! Are you sculpting the chars “in-pose”?
Looks like your’re going for the reactive armor type Ingram?

Btw, what’s “Moi”, as you mentioned over in my thread?
Edit: Ah, I see. Just did a quick search. Had never heard of it until now. Look interesting!



Boone is gonna make Alphonse. Yeah reactive armour would be better to sculpt/integrate, less hard surface, easier damage modelling. They are going to be in water so need only model to the knee. Gonna T pose, and rig. Hope to build Helldivers head in Moi, just for the fun of it, maybe retopo in max/maya. Bring into z for sculpting.


Right, lets do this…

…not much to look at but its a start. Between my barrage of Silo updates there will be a few tests using 3DCoat. I’m hoping to learn the sculpting-retopologize work flow before this challenge is finished, so stay tuned.

Rob, love the concept and first draft of Mr Hook. :wink:


Just did a preliminary sculpt. Will be refining this over the weekend.


Boone, whats your email buddy. Mine is rob angol attt googlemail.com -no spaces. Shoot me a mail ok.


hehe funny that you start by the shoulders when I didn’t start finish them… Always cool to see an other workflow.

Good start guys. I will look on it… the competition as start :slight_smile:


Rob, in a stunning display of stupidity I forgot to send my e-mail without a subject header. Nevermind, it’ll be under the address that starts with “BooneRei”. Sorry about that…haven’t used email in yonks.

Scote; Yeah, the reference wasn’t exactly accurate so I went with what seems the easiest part to model. Get the ball rolling and all that jazz. Your model looks bloody nice mate. :cool:


UPDATE :arteest:


Coming along. You are a hard man to get hold of mate. :cry:

Dont seen to wanna stream so right click please.




Going to block out arms next. the idea is to block out the sculpts on each part then bring them into zbrush to dynomesh and retopo.


…bit of fooling around in 3DCoat to put it through its paces. :stuck_out_tongue:

“I am the UBER God made of green stuff! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA!”

I dunno, I was just doodling and really don’t know what the hell it is!

More of the 'Labor coming soon… :arteest:


Been a bit of a day, watching the Patlabor tv series and doing some more on big “Al”…

…only seen the first two movies, but I’m really digging the series. Some funny moments - especially the one with the “Kaiju” on the loose. :smiley:


Looks like you guys are off to a great start. :thumbsup:



Cheers, Felix. :slight_smile:


some other kind for great teamwork friends.
i wish you many input.


Thanks guys. Not been able to update. Real life getting in the way. Will do some arm tonight, about two hours worth.


You got two months to go. You have time don’t be rush


Thanks, Sam. I love what you have done in your WIP and in this exercise I feel like you are my tutor. :thumbsup: