HCR #16: Jurassic Park, T-rex Attack Scene


Hi all,
This is the first time I partecipate at a contest at cgtalk.
When I saw the idea of Stan Winston Tribute my eyes go wide! I’m a big fan of Jurassic Park so I’ll try to reproduce one of my favourite scenes of the first film: The t-rex attack under the rain.
The main objective is to reproduce the T-rex. Then I’ll try to reproduce the scene.
I hope to finish this work before the deadline!
Here’s a shot from the original movie.


Here’s a wip of T-rex Head.
I used a T-rex Maquette(modeled on the shapes of the original T-rex of Jurassic Park) as reference.


I am also a big fan of Jurassic park and this scene is really awesome, when I saw it first time - I was totally shocked :eek:

I think T-rex was the first popular dinosaur at that time :rolleyes:

Head is looking good . . are you going to model the cars as well ?


Yes,I’ll also try to model the cars!


The head looks very clean and organized so far. Very good loopwork here. Do you wanna make him animateable?

Bring it on!! I so loved the Rex since my childhood.

I´m sure you will nail him down perfectly. Thumps up!!


Thanks for the appreciaments!!
Yes, I’ll animate this t-rex. After the contest I’ll do an animation with the raptor and gallimimus composited on a real footage.


Here’s a new image!


Another progress!


I edited many loops and given some muscolar structures.


Mouth modeling…


End of modeling in Maya.
UV unwrap and color map in photoshop.
Now i’ll start sculpting in Zbrush!


Some sculpting WIPS… The fine details are bump (bump viewer material) because I want keep this model ready to animate.


First rendering test!


Coming along quite nicely, I do have a crit on the proportions though. I think the dangerous thing about using the Jurassic Park toy as reference is that you’re also modelling the flaws they made when they designed the toys. It’s legs are a bit too far to the back, it’s neck is a bit too long and it’s tail too short. Now this may not seem serious at first, but when you examine it more closely you’ll notice that right now, if your T-Rex was ever to stand, he would fall over and hurt his nose, because his tail wouldn’t provide enough counterweight to keep the massive body and head up. Which is also exactly what I remember the toy did all the time (I still have mine laying around somewhere).


Thanks for the suggest Hecatomb!

After cars and environment modeling I post a new a image of my final scene in Maya view.
Now it’s time to make some good shading/lighting and rendering!


TITLE: T-rex Attack Scene (completed)

Category: DIORAMA

Ok, My work is finished. I’ve worked a lot on these days to complete my scene,because on september i’ll have many university tests, and i won’t be able to work on this project.

Some words about my work:
It represents, as many of you know, the first encounter of the T-rex at Jurassic Park. We are near the T-rex zone and the electrical power is off. The t-rex fence has no electricity and this prehistoric creature can freely attack the cars who are carring the visitors(Alan Grant,Lex and Tim,Gennaro,Malcolm).

I mainly tried to recreate the atmosphere and the look of the original scene.
I’ve taken about 3 weeks to complete the image. I’ve used Maya for most of the work,
Zbrush to sculpt and detail, and photoshop to make the specular,color and diffuse maps.
I hope you’ll like it.

This is the FINAL RENDER, i’ve done some post processing in photoshop to achieve this result.

Here’s the high resolution image:





Mirco Paolini


Great job Mirco! The opening Brachiosaur scene really impressed me but this was the first CG scene that made my jaw drop in awe. Jurassic Park will always hold a special place for me. I was into CG at the time but this was the movie I could point to and say, “See, this is what CG can do.”

Congratulations on your entry.


Thank you!!! I’m happy that you’ve appreciated my work!
Yeah…Also for me Jurassic Park introduced me to the 3D World…


Very impressive model
I’m also a T-rex fan!
it is excellent!!! :thumbsup: :wavey:


Thank you Joyjoy!!!