HCM9: Speederbike and Scout Trooper


I am going to do a model of the speederbike with scout trooper from episode 6 for this challenge.


sweet i was wondering if anyone was going to do the speed bike looking forward to see your progress


Here is what i have been working on so far:


looks like a good start to me…good luck jared


thanks robo, good luck on your millennium falcon.

Here’s an update:



Here are some Wires I found while looking for some for myself hope they are of some help. :slight_smile:


this might be useful.



Thanks hyp3rfocus. However, those blueprints (from “essential guide to vehicles & vessels”) are way too inaccurate. But they do have a lot of interesting information.
Anyways, here’s an update:


nice work, i especially like the tubing/hoses


The detail work on the engine is amazing! keep up the great work and good luck!



Here’s another update:


I love speeder bikes. I almost started to do an Endor scene with them. The model looks like it’s starting out well


looking good, your bike looks nice, can’t wait to see more.


Very nice work yoda. Looking forward to seeing it when it is finished.

I’d like to see a wireframe, myself.


thanks guys. I’ve been slowly adding the details on the front of the bike. I also started the scout trooper yesterday.


Phew, lookin good. Great details on the bike mechanisms.


Loving this one. Keep it up.


Nice biker scout helmet.
The detail in the bike is looking good as well


Here’s and update on the scout trooper and the bike. The Bike is nearly finished. All that’s left are the control panel and the cloth thing in the back, plus other minor details that I cant find references for. There was exactly one frame in the movie that gave me the details i needed to model part of the front mechanism.


bike looks good, but check you’re Scout Trooper’s height proportions. He looks really short compared to what he should be.