HCM Masters of Anime - Motoko Kusanagi


Hello everyone! Since i’m on vacation (for 2 weeks) from university, I shall model Motoko Kusanagi. For a long time I wanted to model a female character, so, here I go, wish me luck!


good choice Cultrix, i wish you best of luck an fun from detail charakter modeling.


Oh Here’s go the cyberchick!

Good choice Cultrix, but I know you will do it fine


Thx guys =) Already working on it! Scote, where is your post? =P gogo !


Thank you Cultrix…and good luck to you to, let’s meet at the end of this modeling Challenge with some great modeling caracters :beer:



So, first things first! References!

Female anatomy is what I am focused first! The major form! Already done a zphere model and working on the mesh! Posting it next.


WIP of the body!


Ahah! thansk for the invite. But I most past this contest… :frowning:

I’m in the middle of my final session for my bachelor in 3d Art.

I plan a short cinematic with two friends: 1930

I have to take the two characters and theres props like my concept

  • I have to sculpt my autoportrait in my modeling class.

Three characters in one session… I’m sure you understand why I’m so pist! lol Man it’s a great contest lol


hehe! Well man, nice concepts there, I really like the design, simple and cool. In 2 years I will have to do the same =p Make a final animated short, and of course, will be in 3D!

Oh well, next time you will compete with us!


Yop of course! Hope you have fun without me lol


Always liked this character.
This thread is from the old Heavy Metal challenge but it’s pretty good reference.


This week, university is consuming me and my time! So I can’t speed up my work, but here is a WIP! Still fighting to get the forms right


Who do you use for ref?


This last one, means that her body is 7,5/8 heads tall!


I count 6,5/7 heads


True! Excessive work = fail math xD Yep, 6,5/7!


The form still WIP


After alot of hours of retopologizing I “end” with this base mesh! Still tweaking some verts and adding edge loops to the mesh. Jumping between zbrush and maya! After this part, I will do the UVs!


Nice reshape too :wink:

But I think to face need tweek


Tweak in the form or the topology? =P