HCM: Masters Of Anime Masamune Shirow


O’k calling on fate again, just finished some paid work and should have 2 weeks free.
So I am entering.
I can’t decide what to do though.

Here are my choices.

Or even

I will probably end up doing the Puma sisters cameo, but am interested in what you guys think.


Y’know, I’ve forgotten the names but I’ve always liked these 2.


Like the chick in the exosuit


i always liked the look of briareos and the mechs from applesed. maybe if i enter i might try to do this model


Sweet choices! I find myself in the same dilemma and haven’t been able to decide yet. lol
I was thinking either Deunan (Appleseed. I felt she was pretty badly mauled in both CG movies) or maybe even Nausicaä or Kiki (both Miyazaki) or …
Anyways, looking forward to see you final choice.



I think the first image was always my fave Appleseed poster, and I would love to do a take on the full green eyes of Deunan in this image, but I also would like to do the hetrochromic Puma twins, mainly because The Razors Edge whetted my appetite a long time ago with his versions but also because of the Seburo weaponry.
I will start the basemesh in Sculptris tonight for the Ani/Uni.


Believe it or not, I am still working on those 2 now and then. Too bad I cant just continue on in this challenge. lol
Can’t wait to see your take on them.



I don’t believe you :stuck_out_tongue: . your gonna have to post some images.


I said I am still working on it, what I didn’t say is that I have anything new really worth showing. :stuck_out_tongue:
I am still playing with multiple options for the crazy hair, for example and aiming towards a short animation clip, which further complicates the matter. Not sure when, but its gonna get done. It’s in the pipe and I am committed to it, that’s all I can say. It’s too much of a great project to just drop it. And unless its a challenge such as this one, maintaining a wip thread here is not really worth the effort any more these days, well in my opinion.

In the meantime, we’ll be able to enjoy your take on the two!



Ok, fair enough :wip: . I decided to move the gun so you can see more of the other Puma sister. Never got round to sculpting last night, but should update with a blockout.


Really rough base mesh in 3dsmax.

Start of the retopomesh…


Last post for tonight.


Well that’s coming along nicely.
Is that Sculptris? I never really used it enough to recognize it.


Yeah, its Sculptris. i prefer suclpting out base meshes and retopo meshes in this first, then do details in either zbrush or mudbox.




I decided to remove the wrinkling and do that on my final sculpt mesh, as I have to do two versions for each twin.
I have exported the mesh to retopo in either 3dsmax or Maya, I am testing out a new retopo plugin in Maya atm.




Shaping up nicely!
I’d probably pull the upper eyelids back somewhat and make the mouth/lips less pronounced.
What’s the plugin you’re testing in Maya?



Thanks for the crits. I decided on 3dsmax, but I am beta testing ReTopoG


I am using TopoGun …it’s a great program made by Cristi, I will use it also for my threat, I guess…only to have time