HCM Masters of Anime - Hayao Miyazaki - Princess Mononoke (Diorama)


Hi there,

I came across with this challenge by chance and I couldn't resist  to take part on it. I'm going to model a Diorama of Princess Mononoke.  This is one of my favourites animation movie of all times. I still  remember when I saw the movie for first time, it totally shocked me. Thanks for choosing such an interesting subject (Masters of anime).

Is such a responsibility bringing to 3D such a master piece of 2D  animation but I will try to do my best. Good luck and strength for all  those who are taking part of these challenge.

Diorama will consist in the moment of the film where Ashitaka is cursed  with rage by Boar God. There are 3 characters in the scene (Ashitaka,  Yakul and Tatari-gami). Is that ok for a Diorama?

Next post will be my references.

Happy modeling everyone!!!


Some turn around from the movie:

These are the main references for compositing the Diorama. Next step is to roughly block in 3 characters and pose them to compose the diorama. It’s my first time participating in this challenge and I’m very excited about it!! Any suggestions and help are welcome.


Oh nice nice. It will be an epic diorama


That dear is gonna be so much fun to sculpt!!
Get to it!


As far as it’s going I’m having so much fun! Thanks


Well, I didn’t had time to post any progress but for now I had spent 4 days on it. Here are some daily progress for these past days. Please, feel free to suggest or criticise. Thanks.

Next step is to set simple rig and adjust proportions with pose I have as reference. After that i will start with Yakul. My idea is to compose the Diorama with the 3 rough sculptures. After composing I want to start with high detail modeling.


You block well the main form! good job


Wow this is looking great so far! Can’t wait to see how it turns out when done. All the very best :smiley:


Ye, I’m too looking forward to this one, I really am hoping you at least get to finish the boy with his deer. As I think that will make a wonderful composition and render.


Here are last’s week dailies:

And I started to rig both characters in order to be able to pose them. When I have the high geo it´s going to be easy to transfer same weights.

With rig applied I was able to pose in exactly same position that I have on bottom right corner. That helped me to adjust some proportions, specially head and hands.

Well, this is how is it going so far. About Yakul position, I have to look for more references. Watching the film I noticed that runs very differently from a horse. Its running cycle is more like a jumping thing. I definitely have to improve the position but I wanted to capture that.

Right now I want to do Ashitaka’s high resolution modeling face. I feel like I need to do that in before doing Boar God.

Well, as usual any comment or suggestions are welcome.


Big update! This is really coming along. Excellent pose you are going for.


Thanks, will see how it ends, Ashitaka’s face it’s given me headaches.


Wow, I did not have time to post any progress but I have been working on it every day.
Here are the latests progresses.

I have planned to spent next 2 days working on the Board God.


Update. I don’t think I could finish it on time…


Wow cool

But i find that Ashitaka is a little bit at the end of his mount


Hey man (or woman), I just wanted to say that I’ve really enjoyed your workflow. You work so deliberately and use your reference, if I may say so, with eloquence.

Learned alot just following this. So thanks.


This looks fantastic!

Its not quite there yet with the infection but so close. I think it needs alittle bit more randomness, some smaller, larger and afew bits similar to the guys arm wiggling all over the place.

I think the boar will look amazing with abit more work, hope you finish it!


“The cursed Prince”. Miyazaki Hayao Princess Mononoke (Diorama)

Software used : Autodesk Softimage 2012 and Zbrush 4R2

Approximated time spent: Started February the 5th and Ended March the 14th of 2012. I dedicated from 2 to 3 hours after work and 5 to 6 on Saturdays. 50 hours in total.

This is my favourite animated movie of all times. I was very inspiring for me and helped me to start a career in animation. I love all Ghibli animated movies but Miyazaki Hayao’s movies are truly special.

I feel like I’ve ruined the appealing of the character making it to 3D, sorry Master (Miyazaki). Is an incomplete piece but I will finish it for sure. The sculpture needs more work in general but it’s been impossible to me to put more time in this.

Congratulations to all challengers, great level in general and I hope you’ve enjoyed like I have.










Scote: Thanks, it’s totally true I haven’t realized that Ashitaka was so behind. I will change but not for this contest. I’m exhausted. I urgently need some rest (couple of days and I’m like new).

Ysalec: Thanks, There are a lot of interesting post in this competition. I still have to improve my workflow I feel like I have spent too much time in useless parts.

Nsb: Yeah, you are so right, like Scote. Unfortunately I haven’t made in for this challenge but I will finish this piece for sure. The worm thing is probably the worst part of the sculpture. I’m planning to rebuild that part completely. Initially, my intention was to cover almost all body with worms, following the reference pictures I have from Tatari-Gami. This explains why the body is so wrong and rough anatomically speaking. Other parts I want to change for sure are Ashitaka’s hair and Yakul’s face.

Thank you guys, please give me more feedback if you want.


Sorry for the delay…

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