HCM Masters of Anime - Hayao Miyazaki - Kamaji and his boiler room (Spirited Away))


Alright, I’ve been wanting to create an homage to this awesome character from this incredible movie for some time. Really hoping I can really compete in this one. Have a few serious deadlines coming up at work, but I’m gonna do the best I can to keep motivated to do this one.

The plan is to do a complete diorama of Kamaji’s boiler room from Spirited Away, complete with little dust workers and all. I hope to do it in a more real world stye than the movie, but I’m gonna leave that up in the air as I work, see what is working best.


Excellent, I was considering making Hamaji, I love this character.
Good luck Tim!


Thanks Wyatt. Really hope I get the time to do this one. Work is getting crazy busy and I’m just wrapping up my first project as lead so haven’t had much time this first week to do anything. Regardless, felt like I should throw a quick update up. I should have some time Sunday to really sit down and get going on the modeling. So far just a very short time on blocking the room. Enjoy:


Another busy weekend, however, got a chance to do a little more modeling on the boiler room. Hoping to have some fun and start on Kamaji this week.


looks great so far. :thumbsup:

what software are you using?


Thank you much! Right now I’m using Maya for all the hard surface. I’ll be shifting to Zbrush when I start working on Kamaji, and hopefully, if time permits, I’ll get to do some sculpting on the environment too (the woodworking, boiler, etc.)


wow this is looking fantastic, can’t wait to see more!


Super start! Can’t wait for the organic part


I have the art of Spirited at House. Here a picture for you. Don’t have Kamaji character outlines


Oh, awesome! I’ve been having trouble finding any reference outside of just referring to the movie. Fortunately the movie has a lot of great shots. This helps though, thanks :). I’m gonna be winging it with Kamaji, should have a huge chunk of time this weekend.


it looks exactly as it was in the movie, you are doing a great job here. I will keep an eye on this one


I had some free time this morning. I screenshot the boiler scene :wink:


An other batch of screenshots


The last batch of screenshots


Wow, thanks, I appreciate it much good sir.


Been slow on the updates. Another busy week at work. I was able to get a super early start on my Kamaji model which I’ll be working on all weekend. Just started blocking in his body with zspheres and the look of it entertained me so figured I would post a quick work in progress to show what is essentially my starting point for the model. The head base doesn’t look much like him yet but I’ll be addressing that shortly.


Alright, here’s a slightly more worked on group of screen shots of Kamaji. Think I’m gonna take a break on him this evening and get back to a little bit of hard surface for a change of pace. It’s weird seeing/trying to work out what’s under that mustache and those sunglasses. For fun I plan on sculpting detail into all of that too so I can do some renders with no glasses on. Overall, he’s a tiny bit different from the cartoon version as I really want to try to make him just a tiny bit more realistic. This mostly applies to the general shape of his head. While it’s still gonna be weird shaped, I’m making it a little closer to a practical head shape. Hope you like,


Wow… he definitely looks like Kamaji… awesome dude


haha you’re right, its really weird seeing him without the moustache! i had the same with my little head dudes - they do not look pretty without eyebrows and beards!

otherwise, he’s looking excellent - can’t wait to see what his hands are going to be doing


face wrinkles are impressive as the rest of the model, amazing sculpt skills.