HCM: Master of Anime - Hayao Miyazaki - Vehicle (Howl's Castle)


As a novice, I expect this to be a great learning experience.


Niceeee. I plan to do it myself. Great challenge! Good luck


That means at least three of us will be doing it then I think. :buttrock: I figured I wouldn’t be the only one from the minute I saw the available directors, it’s such an amazing design.

Have you seen the papercraft versions of it?


Ya I have a friend with the art books.

But I will not compete in that challenge. So go for it!


I’ve started collecting reference imagery, and trying to block out the basic structure. Since these are isometric renderings only in the very loosest sense, I’m using the front view for positioning mostly – there’s no way things are going to line up against two planes, even though they’re scaled the same. I re-watched it last night with my wife, I need to do some screencaps as well.


Quite a challenging piece, good luck.


I’ve started modeling some of the smaller bits, doing the underlying structure was proving maddening.


Howl’s castle is amazing, I’m looking forward to see more of this great start.


Reworked some bits, this first chunk is starting to at least feel like it can be modeled without needing a fourth dimension…


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