HCM 9: Star Wars - Jabba the hutt



I try me on Jabba the hutt.


Hey Nemoriko - what did you think of the LOTR ausstellung?, I was wondering how long it would take for someonr to grab Jabba. Looking forward to seeing how far you will take him.



nice im glad someone got jabba great character look forward to seeing this one


lol, finally, let’s see if someone can do Jabba right! I wish you luck on this guy. Are you planning on basing him off the puppet from Return of the Jedi? or is he going to be a bit more like the CG model from A New Hope SE and The Phantom Menace?


here is the next WIP Picture :wink:

c&c are welcome :wink:


Hi @ all, here comes the next Update :wink:


Looks very good. Just gotta love those zbrush3 renders.
The only thing are his upper eye lids, which have some more wrinkles i think. but that´s nothing of big importance.


Hi :wink:

here is a Detail of Jabba´s Thron:


Hi @ all :wink: here my next update :

Jabba´s Thron



Coming along nicely. What do you have planned for his hands? Will he be holding somthing?


He gets a water whistle into the left hand. :wink:


Coming along very well. I will be following your project.


Hi and thx, here the next update the water whistle :wink:


huhu great great great!
you have done a good job, love this jabba and all the details!


Great work, love those cool Zbrush renders. I imagine texturing this will be a nightmare!


I was thinking about that tiny creature who always sits beside Jaba.
if you could add that it wouls be awesome.
good luck


Really nice detail model. great work!!


common dude! let’s see some updates! :smiley:

I was looking at the sideshow jabba model today. check it out on google for some great reference.
I noticed Jabba has suckers underneath like a slug. he also has an anchor tatto on his right arm.


Hi, here is my Final Image :slight_smile:


To be honest the zbrush model on it’s own was looking alot better. I recomend rendering it out with no texture or background, just the raw model with occlusion at an interesting camera angle.