HCM 9: STAR WARS - Boushh Leia & Frozen Han


Still not totally sold on the final scene yet…I’m thinking as I work on the set it will come to me.


Great Job! Looking forward to seeing your progress :thumbsup:


Hey, I didn’t know you were doing this…

The head and strap belt is very nice, I do have a couple of suggestions. The cloth falls very unrealistically, the drappery needs some work the folds do not follow stress points. She has no neck! even tho she is fully covered to keep her cover there is no shape definition, it is completely flat.

Here is a tutorial I wrote a while back on making folds maybe it’ll help.

Another thing that got my attention was the thin finguers of the hands, then I saw the close up that you posted and I thought they look very close to the hands that Nick made for you’ll like this one , they are identical, are you using them as reference?

good luck with this, hopefully you’ll finish this one.


Superb update! :applause:
I agree with all of SNoWs comments. Take them to heart and you’ll have a killer model!


I agree. the cloth could use some work. I’ll have to check out your tutorial. Thanks for sending it.


My Job has been a bit hectic as of late so I’ve not gotten to work on this as much as I had wished to. I got an image off the net (pretty weak image, but using it best I can) Trying desparately to find my DVD of Jedi. I worked on the tables that bookend Han.



This is some work I did on Han. It’s not that great, but I’m hoping that if he’s in the background it’ll be ok. I basically did what I did on the rest of the scene, Rough out the shape (blocked out a human then the carbonite block) then took it into Zbrush and tryied to
put some wrinkles to simulate han’s clothes. I also threw all the elements into a scene and played around with layout a bit. This composition isnt’ straight from the movie, but I just wanted something I thought was cool, besides Michael’s image of Boushh is looks dead on. There’s no need to compete with that. Thought I’d go another direction.


Here’s my layout idea (so far) The hands on Boushh need to be redone. They’re bent all funny. My quick rig attempt obviously failed. I’ll have to do those over. Her legs do not connect yet. And I agree with an earlier post about her neck looking flat and crappy. Maybe tonight I’ll try to finish up the scene architecture (if I can find that dvd for reference)


here is my early attempt at a layout


Looking good.


Looks pretty cool, you dont hang about do ya… Id tweak Leia’s legs a bit, ant try out some other poses, maybey her looking round, I dunno if the explosive theme is a good one without other charcters in the scene.
Nice work tho.


ok, I know it’s silly to start another character so close to a deadline…but I figure I’ve spent this much time on this piece I should make something I’d like to keep. My end goal (whether it makes the deadline or not) is to have Boushh with chained Chewie in the forground with Han frozen the background.

I dont’ have the slightest clue how to sculpt hair…or simulate hair for that matter. No better time to try to learn than now I guess. I’ve got a mesh blocked out of chewie’s head. I took it into Zbrush and played with the Standard, Rake and Pinch brushes. That tapped my knowlege. I’m now trying to read up on taking zpheres and making additional strands of hair. My goal is to learn as much as I can about different hair methods in the next couple weeks. I guess if worse comes to worse…I can always setup a render and photoshop the hair for a final piece.


chewie start


realized the chewie work was pointless (especially with my limited knowledge on hair) but what the heck…it’s always fun to try something. Anyway,…I’m finished with my scene. I plan to texture it for a final render later, but here are my entries.

Here is my Horrific WireFrame. I really need to learn to cut back on the polys.


Here is my Final Image.


“50,000. No less.”

I quite liked Leia in her disguise, thats a good effort.:slight_smile:


This is looking really good, but Han looks like a woman for some reason. Will you have time to texture?


Thanks guys.

I won’t have time to texture before the deadline, but I’ll probably go back and redo certain elements of the scene and texture it.

(dang you’re right…Han does look like a woman. I hadn’t noticed that before…)


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