HCM #33 - Masters of Anime - Hayao Miyazaki - Spirited Away "Bath House" (Environment


I decided to participate in this Challenge since i have always been an anime lover, and this is like my chance to do something about it, related with CG. My idea was creating the Bath House from the masterpiece of Hayao Miyazaki “Spirited Away”. I spent the first day of my project in search for references and finally i had time to start. I have been modeling for two days and this is what i have so far. I don’t know if it will be ready before the challenge ends, but i am having fun anyway, plus it is a chance to gain experience.

Hope you all like it !!!

Here you can see the references better

I made two different references.

There is still so much to do !!! I am loving this !


The whole base is already Stablished.


Looking good, what do you have in mind for the final piece? a certain scene from the movie?


Anchang-Style, thanks for the comment, i don’t have any scene planed yet, i am only modeling the place itself…

I already did some part of the front, the entrance.



Good stuff, and clean modeling


Great choice! Looking good so far. Excited to see it come together.


Cool idea! Keep the push


Hello again! Scote, TiMrozek and MGC, really thanks for your comments, i appreciate them a lot !. Well, i was back to work and this is what i worked in. Some Detail updates.

The shader is not definitive of course. Its just there to help me keep things in control. Thanks everyone ! please keep an eye on updates !


Hello everyone again. Some updates here. The upper frontal part is done, there is still so much to do though. I am working a lot in this. Hope you like it!


Great work so far! Your attention to detail is inspiring


Darn, that’s really nice. It hopefully wont be too photo real, and keeps its anime character with the texturing.


Great choice, and the modeling so war is amazing love the details on the entrance.


Thanks for keeping my inspiration at it’s maximum people!. Here there is some updates again! !


Here you have more images of what i have so far. Keep an eye on updates!! thanks :slight_smile:


Would you mind a wire? Did you model the wooden windows in single pieces?


Sure, here you have the wire render. And yes, i did modeled them all in single pieces. Its all about patience! hahaha


Going great!


That’s looking really good.


Here i leave more wire renders and i will keep modeling. Thanks for the comments!


No no that’s ok… That’s Hardcore :wink: