HCM#31:PixarMashup- Sarah Palin/Incredibles


I wanted to get into this contest before it got too late here. I am going for a sarah palin/incredibles mashup image. I started with a sketch, and moved into a base mesh. Going for a riff on the classic superman pose.


Lol, teapot, classic.
Interesting concept and a good start. Hurry hurry hurry.


Thanks WyattHarris,
Going to try to get my base mesh finished off soon. Here is a a small update.


Another update, about done with base mesh, will start zbrush details…


Update to the pose.


Nice, looking foward to see it textured!


Thx Cultrix. I been tweaking textures and lighting…progress so far…


Playing with backgrounds on theis one…


Cool concept. Here are some things I would pay attention to:

  • I would tweak her nose, it’s too flat now (it seems a smoothing problem because your unsmoothed version looks okay).
  • Her legs are not long enough
  • Her feet are too wide and too flat. It’s also a strange type of shoes imho :stuck_out_tongue:
  • Your renders are a bit too bright
  • For your last render (with the background) you have some issues with the compositing / AA or something ? (hence the black stroke around her). I wouldn’t use a ground imho on that render (now you have that dotted ground or something) Just use a mappe / shadow thing and re-use that red background with the radial gradient.

And some things that I would change:

  • Wouldn’t you use that little mask instead of her glasses ?
  • Maybe instead of the teapot use a “P” from Palin on her shirt in the same style as the “i” from incredibles.
  • Her pose is not very heroic I think, her feet should stand further away from each other to be more heroic (and maybe change your camera to a more “low angle”).

It’s just my opinion you know, hope you won’t be pissed off, my post may sound negative but I’m just saying things that I think may made it look better . (Her clothes are very nice btw :thumbsup: )


No worries Miniminer, everyone is entitled to their own opinions. I would say that a lot of your crits are on some of the design choices I made early on during the process…body proportions, glasses instead of the mask, teapot instead of the incredibles “I”. While I certainly can understand the point of view, I do believe that those things are what make her sarah palin and feel that they do work in the piece.

The other crits seem to be on the rendering side of the piece. I agree that the brightness of the render may be a bit too bright, it could be contributing to the detail loss on the nose. I have been playing with the render angle a bit more as well. The main issue there is that I want to keep it low, while maintaining the readability of the teapot symbol. There is probably a happy medium between the two. With this piece, I really wanted to push out of my confort zone and try my hand at a stylized cartoony character. So far, certain aspects seem more successful that others.

Thanks for the concise feedback Miniminer, it does help a lot when working on a piece like this.


Here is another round of updates. Widened the stance, altered the angle, and tweaked the lighting.


More tweaks to the render and pose.


For the lighting, i would suggest you add some sort of fill or ambient light, or maybe some GI to prevent some areas from getting really, really dark.
Your mashup is good, although it’s not perfectly clear what kind of super hero/villain she would be in the Incredibles universe.


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