HCM #31:Pixar Tribute- The Incredibles "Syndrome"


I everyone, first participation in Hardcore Modeling Challenge for me. It will be one version of my favorite character : “Syndrome” from the awesome Incredibles movie.

Happy to participate at this great challenge :slight_smile:
Thanx and good luck at you all.



Nice choice man! can’t wait to see the start of this model


Thank you Maxter, I’ll post my first update today, see you soon :slight_smile:


[font=Arial]Hi everyone,[/font]

[font=Arial]Start of my work on “Syndrome” a few days ago by watching the Incredibles movie for the umpteenth time, like many of us ;)[/font]. I took the oppotunity to take screenshots to help me for the pose and the environment but I have not really an accurate idea for now (I hesitate between “good” or “evil”, maybe two if I have time, we’ll see).
Here is my “board” with an numerical order of preference :

I choosed the “old school” modelisation technic for the body part, with XSI, to obtain one topology I’m going to need for the pose and the expression. I found references on Jonathan Paine’s website who’s worked on this beautiful charater. In the same time I take a look on the movie according to my needs for more précise parts always in the goal to obtain at this time a fonctionnal wireframe for the next steps.
Here is a sreenshots series of my the progress, approximatively 40% done for the topology and next I’ll adjust the volume more faithfully with Zbrush :

Head closer screenshot (hairs for indication at this time):

Thank you for your visit and comments, see you soon all :slight_smile:



Oh nice! You captured him just right! Brilliant :smiley:



Very nice progress indeed.:thumbsup:



Thanks Joel and Felix for your kind words, it encourages me a lot for the next steps



Great start Gil, the mood and the characteristics of Syndrome can already be seen in your model, can’t wait to see it finished :wink:



Really great start, the model is very clean.:thumbsup:


Thank you so much Levan and Cyrille for your encouragements. I really enjoy to work on this character and in “Pixar’s mood” of course, like many of us. At very soon for the next update and…thank you again :wink:



salut Gilles,
super début de modé, j ai vraiment hate de voir la suite
j en profite pour dire que ton portfolio deboite, le obelix est exellent ,
bon courrage


He le Belge! tu vas etre santionner si tu parle francais ici. C’est un des règlements :slight_smile:

mais pas grave :slight_smile:


Thank you Anthony for your kind words ! --> “merci beaucoup” :wink:



Hi everyone,

Syndrome head’s part update for today. I’ve worked his overall face and more closely on the nose, ears, mouth and the topology of the forehead wrinkles. The whole modeling step is done approximatively for 60%. The next update will be the body part and the clothes.

Here is the sreenshots at current time :

Thank all for your previous comments about my work, in addition to be really happy to work on “Syndrome”, [font=Verdana]it encourages me a lot ! :)[/font]
See you soon All,



Coming along very nicely. The details you’ve added bring it closer and closer to Syndrome.
It’s hard to find a neutral pose of his face to compare it to.


Thank you Wyatt,

at this stage of the head’s modeling my adjustments began to be very subtle. Unfortunately I dont have any real reference to do this part of the work and I try to find a “correct interpretation” of Syndrome from the movies that I look at the same time while I work and some images I found on the Jonathan Paine’s website, here they are for comparison :

Each picture of Syndrome that I could find on the internet is always a little different and to construct an neutral facial expression is a exercise that I like to do…for now :slight_smile:
Do not hesitate to compare and comment with my “WIP” and see you soon for a new update,



Yep, it is very hard to find “blueprint” photo. Pixar character photos are always posed in different angles! I know the feeling =P my method of work is to have 2 monitors, on one I have the movie (wich i control to see different angles) and on the other 1 I work on the model!

Looking foward to see your work!


Thank you David, it seem we have the same work method :wink:
I’ll do my best to modelise as closer as possible a “Syndrome” like we see in the movie of course. I’ll update very soon my WIP with the body part. See you soon,



Hi all,

complete Syndrome’s head, boby, remote weapon and shoes update. 90% done for the modeling part and pretty satisfied with the body’s topology in order to his future pose. Remains the inner mouth, cape and perhaps thanks to your comments, a few volume correction. I’ll start the hairs part and come back later to finish this part.
Here are shaded and wireframe screenshots :

Full body and accessories “shaded” screenshots :

> Larger version <

Full body and accessories “wireframe” screenshots :

> Larger version <

Head closer screenshots :

> larger version <

Remote weapon screenshots :

> larger version <

and his super shoes :slight_smile:

> larger version <

[left]Thank you for your comments and see you soon all, for my first Syndrome’s haire step :)[/left]



Woo, nice geometry on the bottom of those boots.