HCM #31: Pixar Tribute: Russell


Russell from movie Up!


           [left]Hi gang! Finally that challenge has start! My First ever challenge in 3D.
           I love pixar movies like you. I choose Russell character for many reasons:

[li]Funny character in spirit[/li][li]Lot of different items to model[/li][li]Lot of different shaders and fabrics on it[/li][/ul]I hope to do my best with Russell. Keep his spirit! I will start today as my offday. I had take one week (the HMC 30 extension) to gather all the items references.

    I will use Softimage, Zbrush and Photoshop



cool choice man…
would love to see you in action…:slight_smile:


will you participate?


i think, i am in


I start with accessories, because there a lot of them on Russell back


Nice choice, I love this character.


Maybe try to remake the noise pattern if I got time


you are fast …good job


MGC: Thanks man! So many to do :wink:


Looking closer on his gear, I see many of those snap hook on Russell


Very clean and fast work here so far!:thumbsup:
Great character choice too!

What are you rendering this with? MR? If yes, you might want to consider giving 3Delight a shot instead. It’s free and may give you a the right Renderman-ish feel for this challenge. :wink:



Ya mentalray! but ya I would try your renderer because Softimage don’t work with renderman and because it’s a Pixar Tribute… Why not use there renderer!


To clear things up for you, since I am getting the feeling you did not fully understand my suggestion. 3Delight is a Renderman-compliant renderer, creating a similar look as Pixar’s very on Renderman, which indeed is not available for Softimage. But… luckily 3Delight is filling that gap and available for free download as a 2-thread version from dna-research here. I havent tried it in Softimage 2012 yet, but was told by support that the 2011.5 plugin works fine for 2012.



Oh ok, I tought you talking about a standalone software


I begin to think I’m going too deep in modeling for a pixar stylized look. So I will slow down. The items are so far of the camera (but i love details)


Some artefacts in the anisotropy that I will correct later.


You’re fast, I love what you’ve modelled so far, keep up the good work.:thumbsup:


thanks chichiri i will


Clean models and awesome presentation as well, good job :applause:


Thanks Rogin, I used to be an infographist before start 3d modeling, so I always bring presentation to my modeling.

Few items to go:

[/li][li]Cooking bowls
[/li][li]Water bottle
[/li][li]Swiss Army Knife