HCM #10 AIM - The cat at play


I will be doing a house cat leaping after some flying creature. At this point it’s a butterfly as they seem to draw the most attention from my cats and are slow enough to be entertaining I guess. Who can understand cats? Might as well try to understand women. :smiley: (ducks flying objects)


To start things off, how bout a mini challenge before the challenge. I have 3 cats so whose it gonna be.

We have…

playful but vicious. She can leave nasty scratches up your arm in fun. I don’t mind though since I taught her to do that. Great hunter and very cooperative for this shot.

powerful but shy. He’s the best hunter and kills most varments that turn up in the yard. A shy fellow, he is easily scared by loud noises. He wouldn’t hold still, took 10 shots to finally get a good one.

regal but soft. Probably the friendliest and always looking for someone to scratch his back. Doesn’t hunt much but is very protective of the yard and will chase most larger animals away (except those pesky racoons). He took even longer than Opie to get a picture of.

Of course this is one sure fire way to get them to hold still.

All 3 wonderful cats with great personalities. So whose it gonna be? Vote… NOW!


Opie ftw



1 for Opie!

Anybody else?


I’ll have to give another one to Opie…although that Master Betty looks pretty frisky.


Opie it is! hahaa reminds me of our little mutt! her name’s Baby, she looks kinda mean in this first one but she usually never opens her eyes for pictures! Are you going to model the fur?


I pick Opie, reminds me of my big baby of a furball I have at home. LOL


Opie it is. He and I had a nasty altercation when he was a kitten and I’ve been trying to get good with him ever since, sweet but skittish, not that this will convince HIM either way. :smiley:

I plan to model some form of fur. Gonna start with something like Fox’s fur from SSBM.

Texture only and if time permits and I figure something out maybe I’ll try real fur.


oh coool I love kitties! And well as for me it simply has to be MRS Norris :scream:


Yeah, cats are so much fun, I just love them! My vote is on Opie as well. He looks just like a little fellow I once had the pleasure of having in my home when I lived in Hawaii. The little rascal would get every single fly in the house and one night I observed him tackling 3 or 4 cockroaches and he got them… all at once. One in the mouth, two under paws and one cornered against a wall. The poor guy got run over by some car during one night. Man, I hate when that happens.

Anyways, cant wait to see your first wip. Your cats look like some real characters btw, great!:slight_smile:


Laying out the diminsions. Opie is about 35" nose to tail, and his tail is 12" long. LW converted to metric for me so don’t have that number.


Starting on the face. I’m going to have to get some standard references of just a cat that or more orthographic. Tried getting some of Op yesterday but it was like trying to get my 3-year old to hold still, not going to happen. I think his eyes are too far apart due to the slightly angled reference shot, IDK.

After modeling people for such a long time this feels really foreign to me. Not sure where to start, how to proceed etc. This just looks wrong to me right now, I’ll try again tonight with some better reference.


Wanted to share this. In my searching for reference I found this guy Bento. Just a magnificient looking cat. Reminds me of Baghera.

Update, scrapped the old model and started fresh with new reference. Think its going better already.


Hi guys. I’ve not given up on the project. Just had 2 weeks worth of troubleshooting someone else’s busted email server (I hate having to reverse engineer other peoples shoddy work). Anyway it pretty much consumed every scrap of functional brain activity at the time.

But got it fixed, its been functional for a few days now, so back to work on the kitty.
I’ve not been able to keep up with the competition, I hope everyone is plugging along fine.


Rapid fire posting!

Beginnings of the face structure.


Attempting to follow the steps I use to model a human head.

Cat nose, man thats odd the closer you look.


Completed face mask, mirrored temporarily to snap a photo.

The snout is very different than the human mouth. While making it I lost track of the fact that its really a mouth and had to add a divot to serve as one.

Next is the bottom jaw and completing to the neck.


looking good, should the nose bit not curve in a bit more to the brow tho?


Yes it should. The reference cat has a wide nose like that, Opie doesn’t. I tweaked the model toward the end of the night to match him better. 1 sec…


Extruded the jaw from polys under the chin. Knifed twice and shaped into position.