having trouble making it smooth


H i guys,

I’m new to Max and i just started working on a “lotus espirit” like car. But, i don’t know how to set the model for smooth shading. I did a mesh smooth but it’s still not interpolating in the render. Anybody know how to turn on “vertex shading” i think it’s called, so it looks nice and smooth.



I see you’re really new to 3dsmax, also to 3d…

Did you modelled the car from a box, then sliced? Then the Meshsmooth modifier does not the thing he used to do, why, don’t ask me… Solution: Try not to slice…

A vertex shader has nothing to do with Meshsmooth, Also smooth shading isn’t the word for subdivision (like meshsmooth) Shading is just the color/other thing, but had nothing to do with subdivion because it don’t details the mesh.


simply put…smoothing groups;)


At default they’re set off


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