Having fun with Mr Ball


I had a little play around with the Mr Ball character if people are interested.

Its about 3.8 Mb




I think the title sums this one up perfectly Shaun!
that was fun, and was probably a blast to make!!!
Nice work.
How’s the short with the hen and chicken characters moving along?
Good stuff
Mike Fitz


I really like Mr Ball.

It’s so funny, good one Shaunf.


You make it look so easy! Very high quality work there, Shaun.



Thanks very much for the for the comments chaps.

Mike. The cuckoo is on hold at the moment. I started animating the first couple of shots and wasn’t happy with the way it looked, so I’ve decided to practice some of the basics again before retrying those scenes. Hence this little test with Mr Ball. It was looking a little floaty rather than the snappy type of animation that I was hoping for. As soon as I think I can get what I want, I’ll start those scenes again.



That’s amazing that you have problems with floatiness. I’ve a real hard time combating floatiness, myself. Up till now I’ve always assumed it was the sort of problem that plagued slow-learners, such as myself.

I feel a bit better, now that I know that you’re struggling with the same problem. Your stuff never fails to impress.


Carl Raillard

PS: Nifty short! :slight_smile: A possible suggestion for a title: “Something to Shoot For”


Hey Shaunf,
it looks like your practice is working! I thought this little animaiton had a lot of life!
I’m definately looking forward to seeing more of the cuckoo project!
Mike Fitz


wow how did I ever miss this fun little animation? Is he your character? he looks simple but I’ll bet he / it has a heck of a rig in there?


Pretty amazing how much character you put into just a ball with legs. Its like I know how he is feeling just by his legs. I didn’t even know that was possible. Very very cool.


I really liked that animation. It just shows what you can get out of such a simple setup. Beautifully rendered too.


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