Have You Experienced The Effects Of RSI?


Today i had to take the day off work because of neck and shoulder pain/stiffness. I spent most of the weekend modeling with Cinema 4D.
It just happens to be my last week at work as am getting payed off.
Life and it’s problems eh…


Thats really weird that you mention that.

I have the same problem–out of the blue for the past 2 days. Back, neck and shoulders are really messed up. Been working at home on a kitchen chair doing animation work. The chair seems to be the culprit.


I have had a headache since thursday. It started in my neck after carring my school books on thursday all day. A few weeks ago i was in a car accident, [font=Verdana]a old lady rearended me. Ever since that happened, I missed two weeks work so i couldnt pay rent, (lost my apartment, thank god for parents to let you move back in), and my neck has been killing me ever since. But her insurance doesnt want to settle till after im 100% feel A OK. so the way im feeling thats going to be forever. Hope that wasnt to much complaining hehe, feels good to vent some frustration.


DO NOT use that chair anymore, get a new one that keeps you supported properly. I used to work as a professional musician (Guitar Player) and used to do my practice sitting on a bad chair for hours, one day about 8 years ago I stood up after a long bout of practice and my back completely gave way, I couldn’t walk for six weeks and I have suffered bad back pain ever since. Do yourself a favour and take my advice. Oh and don’t slouch. (Do I sound like your mother) But seriously, don’t ignore what your body is telling you.


Thanks JDP :slight_smile:

I actually have a nice comfy office chair at the studio where I do most of my work–and havent had a problem like this in years. I needed to bring my rig home for the weekend so I’d be around for some things that were going on, so I just set up in the kitchen to get some work done in the meantime–just for a few days. Big mistake.

Oh yeah–I highly reccommend Yoga as a great way to re-inroduce yourself to your muscles/tendons and your toes. For those who sit around all day, atrophying-its a good thing. A few of us have tried making it a weekly ritual–and its great for stress, and flexibility.

And this has absolutely NOTHING to do with cinema 4d. :slight_smile:


Yeah, a couple of people have said this to me, time to take their advice. Anyway, as you say nothing to do with C4D I just saw your post and thought I’d say something before you
%*^%ed yourself up. Right, off to play with new toys.:slight_smile:



Not exactly RSI…But after a few weeks of staring at exactly the same distance, my eyes have trouble refocusing on distant objects. Having a lazy eye doesn’t help. Real Z-depth is the problem. Clearly everything must be collapsed on the z for me to get about in the world.


Yes, definitely. I play classical guitar and my teacher was very strict about the proper seating, proper ‘stance’ and body configuration, proper footstool height, etc… If there’s anything you don’t want is to be in a bad body position for hours while playing or practicing.

Since I spend long hours at the computer (but with frequent breaks to get up and do other things - hint), I have an ergonomically-built chair.

Plus, my lower back is bad to begin with - an inherited trait - thank you mummy and daddy. :slight_smile: This makes me more conscious of bad posture. There have been times when my back was so bad that I had to crawl around for weeks. Best avoided.


i’ve got several advice two :smiley:

first off all, use a crappy computer, you’ll have to wait for your renders so will get some more free time to rest on a couch or have a cup of coffee…:rolleyes:

invest in a good chair

invest in some massage from time to time :thumbsup: :wink:


Yup, about 10 years ago I suffered from severe writers cramp and couldn’t work for 8 months. It cost me a fortune in private treatment and has left me with a permanent weakness in my right arm and shoulder. It wasn’t caused by using a computer though (I didn’t have one at the time) but by painting! Constantly working hunched over a table, gripping small brushes and painting fine detail for too long without breaks for year after year …

People who haven’t suffered an RSI don’t appreciate how serious it can be, take care of yourselves! - Baz


Wow that’s weird i thought i was just being a wimp. I get stiff neck, shoulders and back all the time everyday. So what i do is just get up about once an hour or two and “use the bathroom”, where i’ll do simple stretches like touching my toes, stretching my neck or something similar. If i don’t do this i end up not sleeping well as the week progresses and i just have to recoup on the weekends. I’ve also suffered a lot of atropy in my muscles. I wasn’t “Incredible Hulk big” or anything, in fact i am only `5,"2, 140lbs now, but i use to have a nice build and definition. I can slowly see that disappearing. I’m pretty bummed about that. I worked hard for years to get in good shape and now its all for nothing because of my nice “cushy” job. I suppose i’m going to have to hit the weights again after work even if i’m wiped out, to get back to good shape. It really does wear me down, strangely enough, more than other jobs i’ve had. And i’ve had some pretty laborous jobs. One of my jobs was to dig 6-10 feet deep holes where cespools where going to go. That was tough but i always had energy after work to do things. Not now though. I feel like i’m 80 or something. Its gotten to the point where i even considered a career change just to get a more active job. But i can never give up 3D. :love:


You should try to make a practice of periodically looking away from the computer screen and focusing your eyes on more distant objects–at least according to my eye doctor.


I had the same problem with my shoulders, arms, neck and back. I had to go get medical massages it got so bad.

A key is to stretch periodically. You can find some stretches at:



Who knew 3d graphics could be such a dangerous profession?


Spend the money on the chair like you would your computer. If you sit for hours, you must own a sitting machine. I bought mine 3 years ago, it made the difference and so does exercise. As for having time for exercise, yes you do have it, you just have to create that time and you know you can. Don’t kid yourself.

Here is the chair: Hermin Miller -Aeron Chair

Here is the place to buy one for cheap: A good search on eBay

Of course you can do the same with Desks. It’s all about ergonomics. More on posture here: http://www.me.berkeley.edu/ergo/ and here http://www.tifaq.com/ergonomics/office.html

And a really good desk: Anthro

I hope that helps. It did for me.


I’ve seen that Aeron Chair. I have a big leather cushy one that works well for me that I got at Staples. I decided a few years ago that since this is what I do all day–I need to invest in something to keep my spine from cracking in 2. Who would have thought that 2 days on a crappy chair would have hit me so fast.



well, thats an expensive chair. first I have to get a good monitor.


I got mine much cheaper–on sale and with some coupons and stuff. Worth it though.


My wife gave me a Backsaver chair for my birthday a few years ago. Expensive, but very comfortable. http://backsaver.com/pdfs/ergoflex.pdf


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