Have you become a better artist?


I’m very interested in the ‘Becoming a better artist’ Workshop with Robert Chang, and was just wondering if anyone here had completed the course as a complete art novice? And if you have could you tell me a little about how you think you progressed as a result and what you got out of it?



I finished just a few weeks ago the course. When I started, I thought I was an intermediate artist, since I had already get some money with my work. But during the course, I understood that I had a lot to learn. So I m learning again a lot of new and amazing stuff. And what I think now is: what a pity I didn t start with this instead of trying on my own! let me use an example:
Before: Is like going throught the jungle with some maps with some maps, some of them really difficult to read, some of them too simple, some talking about botanics or geologic aspects of the jungle… Yes, you can say that all of them are most or less usefull to go trought the jungle, so the books and tutorials are in you artistical career. But you re never sure where are you or why is that way or another way.
After: You got a compass. You read the stars. You can measure your steps. You understand how Livingstone did it. You know how to do it, where to go, where you must nt go.
Of course, you still have to cross the jungle. You use YOUR feet, your machete. Is still your brain and your will against the jungle.
But I cant imagine a better course for a novice. In fact, is an amazing course for every kind of level, because you can cross the jungle without any help, but even in that case (or precisely in that case) you do apreciate to have a compass.
And it wasn t enough for Robert to do the course. He s gonna be with all of us as long as we need. So is more than a compass, you got a guide for as long as you wish!!

ps, as you can figure out, I m not even english-speaker and I have a bit of dislexia. I could nt finish all the assignments on time, I m still correcting them (you can do it after the course, also) or re-doing them. So I m not a brilliant student. But I m really grateful.



I liked the compass metaphor that Tomas used, because it’s exactly what you feel when you complete the course.

I took the course at August 2010 being a beginner, at that moment I was collecting lots of tutorials, books and other resources. Before the course I just didn’t know which resources were more useful to me, but after the course I noticed I could judge much clearer which resources would be more helpful at each point of my learning curve.

The course itself it’s a huge resource with a lot of content, especially if you are a beginner, but the most important thing you take from it is that it refines your judgement.

I can really say that I’m still learning from it, and that I use what I learned from it everyday when I study and practice. I still feel like a beginner, but I’m definitely a better artist than I would have been if I had not taken the course.

All of that without talking about the wonderful community Robert has created in his private forum for “ex-students” from the course. Even that part is priceless itself.

I really wouldn’t think it twice if I were you :wink:


If you have read the testimonials and the answers from my classmates (hi guys!) I think you have probably an idea of how great the workshop is and that any artist, whatever his level, will learn millions of things during the workshop and forever after in the alumni forum. (well unless Rob get eaten by a bear)

In my opinion you should just ask yourself those 4 questions:

  • Do I actually like to paint/draw/create ?
  • Do I realise that learning to paint/draw is a long process?
  • Do I have some free time available ?
  • Do I have self-discipline and determination?

If answers to those 4 questions are yes, just enroll! you won’t be disapointed


Hey there guys,

Thank you very much for taking the time to let me know your thoughts, I really appreciate it.

tzarate, thanks for the great analogy, it actually makes so much sense the way you’ve presented it. And by the way your English is excellent!

souldroid, Thanks for your point of view, it was great to hear since I’m considering myself a beginner, even though I used to draw a lot a long time ago. I like the idea of judgement refinement, as I currently feel like I have an idea just what I need to be learning but can’t really pinpoint specifics. Which is why I’m taking the course.

Zhim, Well, I answered yes to all of your questions. The time thing is a bit of a squeeze but I’m sure I can organise things just right. I’m not even going to ask why there’d be a bear on the course!

So, thanks again guys. I’m happy to say that I’ve just paid me fee and I should be starting the course on Monday! Maybe I’ll see you in the alumni forum when I complete it.

All the best,


You’ll understand why Robert may be eaten by bears when you’ll join the alumni forum in two months!

And my advice to learn the maximum from the workshop: participate a lot to every discussion, don’t be shy to post every assignements (even if you’re feeling that it’s a disaster) and enjoy the fact you are doing something you like.


Hey there Zhim,

I’ll try my very best to heed that advice, thanks a lot.

All the best,


Hi Arcanum,

Glad you signed up for the workshop and welcome aboard! I took the workshop a bit over a year ago and I knew even before signing up from just the course outline and reading Rob’s posts in the CG forums that this was, without a doubt the best opportunity for me to expand and grow as an artist.
Rob has distilled down everything any artist needs to know and master to be the best. I fooled around for years with various books, community classes tutorials and such from the internet and all that really did was confound me and did little to inspire me to give my creativity the 110% it needed to get me going the way I wanted. The best part about it is, not only do you learn and work on the fundamentals but Robert Chang instructs you on a very individual basis; you can’t get that at any art school these days

My personal path from this course quickly identified my weaknesses and since taking it I diligently work on those problems while still absorbing the class materials and participating in the workshop.

I will say that you will get out if it what you put into it; work hard. As with anything in life that’s worthwhile to pursue, immerse yourself in it and give it your all. I can’t think of too many things that are better to spend so much time and energy on than art.
Enjoy the ride brutha!


Hey there Gnome,

Thanks very much for your input. It sounds like you were a lot like me before you took the course. I’ve been dabbling with all sorts of stuff, which looks great, but doesn’t really get you producing anything. Nothing I’ve come across gives you all the fundamentals, which is what’s really important and exactly what I need. It looks like I’ll get everything I need to progress forward from Robert.

Thanks for the advice, I aim to take it and try my hardest to put in that 110%, or else there’s not really much point in getting involved, right?

All the best,


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