Have webcam?Pls try my FlashCom recorder


If this is considered offtopic, please feel free to remove the thread… :slight_smile:

I’ve got a BIG project coming up that requires a lot of FlashCom server application programming, and will eventually involve some graphic design…which is when i will seek critique from the artistic side.

However, I’m in the technical side of things right now…and need to try out a little app with the masses. I really trust this crowd of folks here at CGTalk, so i thought i’d give it a go here.

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It is a simple app that just records all video/audio in one day and archives it for later viewing. Please keep your recordings short…preferably not more than 30 secs or so. I have not put in a cutoff limit yet.

If any of you are geeky enough to be into this sort of thing, i will be needing beta testers for the next 2 months. (starting in August) The project includes video/audio chat, video recording, collaborative work environments, etc.

Thanks for trying it out.



I would appreciate any reports you can offer…whether or not it recognized your webcam, if it worked fine, or not at all etc.



By the way…this will become more of a design critique after the technical stage.


New link…most of the kinks are worked out…and I’ve added videomail capability…

Interface is still really bad, but I’m still in functionality stage.

Please try it out if you have a webcam! And feel free to send your friends/family a video mail!



Wish I could help… just don’t have a webcam. :frowning:


That’s ok…It feels a little out of place being posted here, anyway…but in the long run, it will make sense, as it will involve design as well.

Thanks for your interest!


If you would like to receive a vmail, send me an email and i will send you one.
It might be interesting to see how it streams from nashville, tn usa to australia :slight_smile:


it works from me

i record one clip called test…:slight_smile:


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