Hausnummer 42, Fredi Voss (3D)


Title: Hausnummer 42
Name: Fredi Voss
Country: Germany
Software: CINEMA 4D, Photoshop

A scene i made recently. The subject was inspired by the area i live in, a small town.Allthough this is not a “portrait” of a certain point in my neighborhood,a lot of elements were taken from there:)
Wires will follow ones the image is accepted to the gallery .
Cheers :slight_smile:


nice texturing


The wire and two detail-shots of the car:


Love the camera angle and lighting/texturing!


Crazy hyperrealism! Nicely captured every day’s gray triviality! 5 stars

BTW: Is the combination of “Sonderangebot” and Opel intentional? :wink:


Hehe :). Nice idea…


Impressive! First I thought that just the car was 3D using a photo backdrop. I didn’t believe the whole scene was in 3D until I saw the wireframe. 5*


perfect looks like real .5 stars


looks like foto :applause:


realy real look
cool realistic pic


Fantastic !!!
5 Stars (*****)…you know what…10 Stars (**********)!!!


He he very nice and realistic. Stunning work.
I first thought only the car was CG because the carpaint doenst look 100% convincing (very good though)… but as I discovered all is 3D I was blown away. Superb job! Really amazing piece. Thumbs up! C4D rules!
5* by the way!


Love the lighting,and the car texture.
Greatly done.


beautiful rendering, 5 * from me :wink:


wow,great work!
it’s so real ,like the photo! :applause:


Excellent textures and render, looks realistic.


great job! excellent texturing)


Yes, outstanding realism, but also some magic mood to the gray life (The light? Maybe camera angle?) “Everyday poetry” again…

Btw, love the bike. Do you have one like that?:wink:


just incredible and total real.
jan k. vollmer


Motherf*cker!!! 5 Stars! :buttrock: