Hash to FLASH?


Hello all,

I’m new to A:M, and would like to know if it’s possible to integrate A:M with FLASH (ie. Swift3d can render out to .SWF files).

I checked this plug-in site (http://www.kci-group.com/z/am2swf-dev.htm), but it seemed kind of old. And on the hash.com FAQ site (http://www.hash.com/hashfaqs/) , the same question is asked “Any tips on coverting Hash animations to Flash animations?”, but is not answered.

Does anyone have experience with this?



What version of flash do you intend to use? What is your target audience (broadband, dialup, yarn)?

I’m working on a similar problem. I’m about 99% sure that I’m just going to use MX2004Pro to convert me .mov into and .flv and stream it through me swf. I may be sacrificing dialup users though. I hate them, but I have to recognize that, like the Amish, they still exist (I don’t hate the Amish though).

For my animation (I posted it here a couple weeks ago) I use the toon render. I love using the toon render and with flash as my intended conveyance, toons have the benefit of using far fewer colors. So the initial filesize, even using the animation compressor in quicktime is relatively small. I was advised to check into the plugin you mentioned, so I contacted Marcel, the author about a specific question I had concerning toon renders and toon outlines. Since I wanted to keep the outlines, he suggested that I use something other than his plugin, because if I was already attached to the way it looked, then usig his plugin would change it (and not really do the outlines I wanted).

So if I had anything useful to say in short, it would be to use MX2004Pro and compress normal old AM .mov output to a flv and stream that.


Hey Paul,

Thanks for the reply. I am new to FLASH MX and I recently upgraded to the new A:M for Mac OSX (am also running XP Pro).

What really inspired me to go 3d with FLASH are these 2 sites:

It seems Swift3d has seamless integration with FLASH. Just wondering if A:M had similar capabilities as well.



That am2swf app may be old. . . but if it works, I’d go with that. Any .mov -> flash converter won’t have the same edge or motion information that a direct conversion does.


Man it looks good. . . I think I’m gunna get it. I’ll let you know how it works out.


please do!


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