Has this been fixed in >R21? [SOLVED]



The Assignment list does not display the names of the selection tags and makes my life a nightmare.
Am I assigning materials on selections the wrong way ?


Not sure but I never really use the assignment tab. You may already know this but you can just drag your tags into the selection field on your texture in the attributes manager. (apologies if this was already obvious to you)


Just needed a fast way to jump to a Material Tag (to change some options) when the same material is applied to many different objects and Selections.
Your video doesn’t load …


Sorry–my Dropbox is a bit baked up–it should show up soon…


If I’ve understood what you want correctly…

  • left click the 1st item in the list
  • shift + left click the last item in the list (now you have them all highlighted).
  • Right-click any of the texture tag icons and choose…‘select tag’
  • Now your attribute manager will be showing all the texture tags for the objects the material is applied to.


No, I don’t want to select all my material tags but select the one I’m interested in by recognising it not from the name of the object it’s assigned to but from the name of the Selection Tag it is assigned to.

I have a very long and complicated scene tree with more than one instance of an object and i can’t name every single component with a unique name. Besides, some objects have more than 1 of the same material tag because they are assigned to different Selection Tags with different projection options.

So rather than unfolding my complicated hierarchies to find my preferred Selection tag for changes, I want to have access to it via the list from the screenshot but the names are not there.

OK my bad. I actually want to get to the correct Selection tag not the material tag itself.

If you look to my screenshot I have 2 selections with the same material on the same object the only difference is their projection. The selection tags have unique meaningful names but I tend to forget them to type them on the search bar.


Perhaps CV selection manager could be helpful ?


@Decade Very useful plugin, thank you.