Has a movie ever changed, or had a profound effect on, your life in any way?


Here’s a fun topic :slight_smile: Have you ever seen a film that changed your life in any way, or led you to make any important decisions?

After I saw “Babe”, I became vegetarian, and have stayed one ever since.

I have also watched too many horror films in my day. From when I was about 11 until I was around 16 or 17, about 99% of the films I watched were horrors, especially from the 80’s. As a result, I have some peculiar paranoia problems, especially when I go away for the weekend with friends. Even though I know it’s a result of all those slasher flicks, I can’t help those paranoid thoughts from creeping in…

The film “It” has put me off clowns. For life.

How about you?


Ack…! Me too with clowns, but it was Poltergeist, not IT that put me off them for life.

I saw a movie many many years ago as a kid. I cant remember the name of the movie, but it was about a girl who got into witchcraft or something and she got stuck in a mirror. To this day I cant look at myself in a mirror at nighttime.

Its not the common cliche that there might be someone behind me in the mirror. My fear is that when I look at my reflection, I may not be doing the exact same thing I am on this side of the glass.



Probably not the responce you were looking for Leigh, but its the first thing I thought of when I read the topic.



I stopped eating meat long before BABE came out, but if it had the kind of effect on others that it had on you, I bet the meat industry in Texas would have sued the filmmakers, a la what they tried with Oprah Winfrey.

A movie called TWILIGHT’S LAST GLEAMING that used the VietNam war and the Pentagon Papers as backstory elements made me become totally obsessed with that era of history.

Likewise, Stone’s JFK got me interested in reading up thoroughly – probably 15 books – on that assassination (still blows my mind that any well-read body can conclude Oswald acted alone.)

But I think seeing 2001 at age 7 really blew my mind most … got me interested in fx and filmmaking (lifelong interests) and ruined me for conventional storytelling for quite awhile. Also made me realize at an early age that NASA was doing a piss poor job of promoting the manned space program – they were doing it for real and yet still boring the piss out of 90% of the country.


i saw Killer Klowns From Outer Space when i was 10 or so and I have been anti-Clown for years since. “It” didn’t really affect me though. Strange.

After seeing the LOTR trilogy I have to say I’m not very fond of Orcs. At the same time, I shouldn’t be mean to orcs just for things their ancestors did. I know I should try to keep an open mind but I keep thinking about the horrible things those orcs did!


Everquest changed my life drastically. I played that game on average about 8 hours a day for 6 months. I didn’t care about eating, or socializing with real people. All I wanted to do was play EQ and get to the next level, or get that armor I had been working so hard for. Then I quit EQ cold turkey haha and I hardly ever play games anymore. They scare me :slight_smile:


‘fight club’ made me realize that in order to accomplish the things you want in life, you need to let the “things that don’t matter truly slide.” i used to watch that movie every night for three months after the dvd came out. . .


There was an episode of Doctor Who that put me off clowns for life.

As for others, Jackie Chan’s “The Young Master” made me become a martial artist. Movies like Hero made me appreciate the deeper aspects of of the art.

The game Secret of Mana turned me to the path of animation. I owe a lot to that game. If I could meet the makers of that game I would shake every one of their hands, and buy them all a round. Seriously. :beer:


Ive always wanted to join the army after seeing all those cool Ads made by the army. They make it feel like your life will be like a hollywood movie Top Gun stuff.

But then Saving Private Ryan came along. Completely changed my view of the army and war. Made me appreciate it more but i will stay as far away from it as possible.

terrifying stuff.


Full Metal Jacket. Just the best war film ever, it can change your perspective on war for sure.


Close Encounters of the 3rd Kind, made me dream about space, possibilities, and dreaming. I also started to love movies after seeing that, and went all the time during my younger years.


The only movies I can think of that changed me are:

-Fight club;
-One other movie someone in here might know. It’s about clowns that hunts for preys, and they put their victims in some sort of cocoon, and the only way to kill the clowns is by shooting their nose. When they die, I think they die in a tornado-way. If someone knows what movie this is, I’d appreciate if you could tell :applause:

Since then I hate clowns. I used to be scared to death, but I watched this movie with my cousin when I was 5.


On to a more serious topic, The Pianist was very frightning to me. My Mom and gradparents were jews during Nazi Germany. It was so scary to see what they went to, and what happened.

Also, for art, Brazil and Dark City both really amazed me and affected my style. :thumbsup:


Originally posted by Rhonedog
I cant remember the name of the movie, but it was about a girl who got into witchcraft or something and she got stuck in a mirror.

I remember that one…The Watcher in the Woods

L.A. Story - reminded me that the world is a surreal place.

The Fisher King - all of it’s good, but when Robin Williams tells the story of the Fisher King and how the boy simply saw that the king was thirsty, I like to think that if I take care of the important things, then the rest will work itself out.


some folks relate to Catcher In The Rye… I related to Darren Aronofsky’s Pi. *hey that rhymed!

while the film didn’t really change my life, it came out at exactly the right time… so when folks asked me what my college was like i would say: “have you ever seen that movie ‘Pi’?”

everybody suffered from twitchy paranoia, random mumbling from lack of sleep, endless rooms full of humming computers and random d’n’b music kicked in when something interesting happened. tis true.


Definatly The Matrix – THERE IS NO SPOON!

pfff, nope…not really…

IT - Put me of clowns for life, i saw it when i was like 7. never liked them since …

Fight Club - Shows The Power of an individual With a Idea Truly Not Caring about if others follow or not.

The Game? - The Movie with Micheal Douglass, who is setup by his brother then run through the mill of everything to destroy his life, eventually driving him to suicide and finding out its a game :slight_smile: - made me think it doesnt matter how bad things get, it will get better :slight_smile:

theres a few others, but those two movies really had an effect on me.


After I first saw JAWS(8 or 9 yr) I was afraid to flush the toilet because I thought a shark would jump out and bite my ass. Now I know only aligators live in sewers.

Movies about the after life, good vs. evil like dogma, stigmata, last days, last stand and others definitely keep you wondering long after seeing the flick.

Ever since I saw Pulp Fiction, I do not wave a gun around while riding in a car, especially if there is someone in the back seat!

I’m still waiting to create work in an environment like Tom Cruise’s character had in “Minority Report”


The movie Top Gun probably changed my life in a weird way. I was a kid in highschool, when they gave us this catalog of universities and paths we wanted to choose in our lives. I hadn’t figured out exactly in my head what my dreams about my future were, but i knew they werent in that catalog. But i had seen Top Gun recently, and i loved airplanes, and thought it could be cool to become a pilot.
I failed to reach the marks in the final exams, but i went to participate in the physical trials anyway, i stayed at my aunt’s house during the trials week, where one day i saw a brochure about career planning and all kinds of schools. There was an ad about a Computer Animation school that caught my attention. I realised then what was missing from the catalog they gave us at school. I took the chance and followed my dream… :slight_smile:




When TOP GUN came out, my dad’s friend who was an Air Force recruiter said there was a huge surge in enlistment into the AF. Everybody wanting to be pilots. Of course the washout rate was even higher. My friend was 1 of two out of a class of 50 that graduated training and now flies in the AF.

Aligators do live in sewers right?


IT, I feared Clowns for a while but then I had to punch one in the face to find out they dont eat you.
The Pianist… so many things I just cant decide on one.
The Crow… “If two souls are meant to be together they will walk heaven and hell to be together.” Now thats love, now I just gotta find the girl that will do that with me :slight_smile:
Osama… Im predicting it will have some impacts on mee life…

Edit: I forgot Psycho… Lock all doors and windows before jumping in the shower…