Harold and Kumar


If you really want to watch a movie that will make u laugh, u should definitly check out harold and kumar. i havent laughed like this in a long time. I even think there was a CG leopard.


I went in with not a expectation in the world. I thought it was great! every few years we need a good weed smoking wacky adventure movie and this one did it prety darn good, if ya ask me. Its a big step up from the quality of dude wheres my car.

every character in that movie reminded me of someone in my life. (the whole X-tream guys… i know a group just like that. i laughed my ass off) and I think thats part of the reason i liked it so much. I related to a bunch of it.

not to say it is a great movie or anything, oscar winner it is not. But for dumb, fun giggles its worth checking out.


It’s not the same calibur as ‘Dude where’s my car’ is it? If so then…no thank you. :stuck_out_tongue: I’ll have to check it out if I can find anybody willing to see it with me. :slight_smile:




C.O.R.E. DP in T-dot did some effects for it…thier name is clearly listed in the credits. There where Canadians throughout the movie…the benefit for the movie being shot in Hollywood North!

Really funny movie. I really needed a blistering tearjerking gut-twisting movie like that to take my mind away from crunch-time right now.



wow, thats interesting that CORE did some of the CG work. I went there for some interviews.


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